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Nexon America also assembled a committed Buy Maplestory 2 Mesos development group in the USA for quick updates. As a result, married content has been developed in the united states and applied to Korea.

Nexon America didn't only localize the language, but also put a lot of work to locally-specific content and events. Local people accumulated thanks to the gathering of turkey legs and St. Patrick's Day on Thanksgiving Day. Notably,'Black Friday' in the game which was held in November 2006 was the event of so-called'huge hit'.

Nexon's live functioning capability, that has been supplying longevity titles for many decades, has played a considerable role. MapleStory's international brand power has been expanded as a result of communicating with customers through different content updates and on - line and off - line events.

As we continue to launch games that share the same IP, an increasing number of events are gathering lovers together.On April 14th, Nexon America held'Maple Story Fest' at LA Hollywood Fonda Theater. In order to return to the fans who've been steadfastly loving, I announced various information events such as the question and response of the development team, the costume drama, as well as the quiz series.

This event, that was broadcasted online via Twitch, announced the debut of'Maple Story 2' articles and introduced the program of pilot test starting from May 9, and declared global launch. He also got a warm welcome from customers who've been waiting for Maplestory 2 worldwide service for quite a while and announced the international service plan of MapleStory M, a mobile game that has completed global trial testing in January.

On the flip side, in the outdoor terrace of this event place, a booth selling'Maple Story' Goods, that was made by four artists selected in Korea, has been operated. 'Pink Blank Wool Doll','Pink Bean Mug','Kinesis''And so on. "With the new maple story IP titles, I'd like to ask for your attention because I will be providing services."

By August 31st to September 3th MS2 Mesos , I participated in Pax West 2018 held in Seattle and opened the'Maple Story' theme booth and met various fans.Through PAX,'Maple Story' winter update'Black Wizard' was revealed,'Black Wizard' animation was revealed in a small theatre,'Maple Story' store was opened, and Official Goodies was sold. MapleStory 2, which was started soon after launching, and Maple Story 2, a month before its launch, introduced a selection of game contents including unpublished content to visitors.

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