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 Tárgy:So the jist of this Get CCB and recharge chaotics with tokens...  
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So the jist of this Get CCB and recharge chaotics with NBA 2K Coins tokens. I do not really have a fantastic team, so I get on typical 10-11k tokens each hour, the equal of 0.9-1m. Yeah, that's less than that which I could make from doing other things.

Void) you'll want CCB because it will raise the likelihood of these high hits reoccurring. Meanwhile, if you have a more exact armour (ie. Armadyl) you'll want Rigour because you're already hitting often, you might too make each hit more powerful.

The entire idea is that you will one day be there... or near along with the tokens you get then will probably be well worth the same as they're now. So while 17k tokens can appear to be a lot today, someday they'll be pocket change and you would rather have an extra 2mil than 17k tokens (which will otherwise be invested on Dungeoneering xp). Sorry at this point your mind is probably made up; I have turned your question into a persuasive composition:D (more like a debate actually ). You are right though; the other equips play a huge factor as does the way Jagex really implements these bonuses and for that reason I believe it becomes too complicated to rationalize mathematically.

Damage increase from prayer stacks in addition to Buy 2K21 MT void... No reason I can not use both. As I said, I'm not 120 dg. There are still rewards I want tokens for, such as CCB, rigour, CMaul, ring upgrades... If I can not get 25k tokens/hr in least, I will not rely on them to charge chaotics. Besides, why not get the two Rigour and CCB? If you did not notice, my question is what reward would be better to get next. Just because I am choosing one doesn't mean that I won't eventually get both (although I would likely not get the instant until I am already 99 stove ).

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 Tárgy:Válasz erre:So the jist of this Get CCB and recharge chaotics with to..  
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Tárgy:Válasz erre:So the jist of this Get CCB and recharge chaotics with tokens.

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