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A flush mount light is typically a dome-shaped ceiling light fixture that’s mounted flush to the ceiling. A semi-flush mount light is more decorative, and the base of the light extends just below the ceiling. Stylewise, semi-flush mount lights can mimic pendant lights, except they don’t hang as low.Get more news about Hallway Ceiling Lights,you can vist our website!

The size flush-mount or semi-flush-mount light that you need depends on the size of your space. The average flush-mount light is 13 inches wide, but they range from 12 inches to 24 inches wide. Semi-flush-mount lights can range from 6.25 inches to 23 inches wide.

The best thing about flush mount and semi-flush mount lights is versatility. They work well in casual or formal interiors and in rooms with low ceilings to provide the home with ambient light. Use flush mount lights and semi-flush mount lights in the bathroom, bedroom, dining room, foyer, hallway, kitchen, living room, office or pantry. To learn more about lighting your home, check out How to Choose the Right Lights.

This style of ceiling light fixture blends well with the ceiling and décor. Fixtures with more decorative shades and finishes are also available.

This style provides warm, diffused light, and the shade adds texture to the room’s décor. These work well in the bedroom, living room and dining room.
These incorporate a specific theme, such as wildlife or outdoor scenes, and are perfect in a like-themed room, a den or a second home such as a summer cabin.

Modern ceiling lights or contemporary ceiling lights are available in many different designs and materials, and are an excellent choice for homes and buildings with a minimalist or nontraditional theme.

These have three light sources stemming from the base of the light. Some three-light flush-mount/semi-flush-mount lights have adjustable light heads, allowing you to direct light toward focal points in the room for accent lighting.

Shades: Semi-flush mount and flush mount chandeliers and lights have shades in glass or fabric. A glass dome shade is typically used in the hallway, closet or foyer. Try one with metal filigree or wood paneling for extra flair. This type works well in a bedroom, dining room or living room. Popular flush mount and semi-flush mount light shades include:

Finishes: Flush mount and semi-flush mount lights come in a number of finishes to work with your décor. Take a cue from the existing finishes in your home. If the door handles and cabinet hardware are all in brushed nickel, choose lighting fixtures in a complementary finish. Popular flush mount and semi-flush mount light finishes include:

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