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Here's the most powerful of our top 3. This boasts a 180W LED that is capable of handling 3-4 plants all the way to the flowering stage. But once again, we run into the flowering stage issue that a lot of these Samsung LED grow lights have. Listen, these will work for flowering. It's  just that for massive yields, swapping these out for a red spectrum light is almost always the best choice. All this being said, this is an awesome UFO grow light for growing multiple plants, while also not being a huge drain on energy compared to an HID system.

ECO Farm 690W Samsung 301H Grow Light UI2 Series Separately UV IR Control

The radiator module is integrally formed, and is made of high-purity refined aluminum anodized, and uses physical heat dissipation, which greatly extends the service life of the lamp.

ECO Farm 30W UV+ IR Supplemental Single LED Grow Light Bar

30W supplemental single bar is designed and refined to maximize yields, space and versatility while minimizing costs. Could match different size grow area and lights, widely use in many grow spaces.

If you are also interested in other commercial LED grow light strips, welcome to visit our official website:
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 Tárgy:Válasz erre:What Is UFO LED Grow Lights Used For?..  
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