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 Tárgy:What are the benefits of long-term swimming..  
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What are the benefits of long-term swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular sports.

Besides being fun, swimming is also a great way to keep fit, keep fit and make friends.

Swimming is a healthy activity that can last a lifetime. It is a low-impact activity with many physical and mental health benefits.

Mainly from the following aspects:

The first, posture is uniform and slim, energy metabolism rises:

1. Water temperature: the temperature in the water environment is lower than the body temperature, even if it is still in the water, it can conduct the temperature through the water. For example, the heat lost in 12° water for 15 minutes is about equal to the heat lost in 1 hour on land;

2. Resistance: the density of water is much higher than the density of air. Moving in water requires overcoming the resistance of water to make the body move, and more energy is converted into kinetic energy.

3. Multi-joint movement: in the water generally rely on a lot of muscles and joints to coordinate the movement of the body, more muscles involved, coupled with water resistance is also an important factor of energy into kinetic energy;

4. Posture: Different swimming styles use different amounts of energy. For example, crawl at the same speed consumes more energy than breaststroke (again from the perspective of energy conversion).

From the above four points, we can understand why water environment can consume more energy, and all joints can get a balanced exercise, while reducing body fat rate, but also ensure the dimension and strength ratio of various parts of the body. It is important to your health to have a comfortable swimsuit for swimming, and choose a swimsuit factory you can trust. This will allow you to stretch out and keep the friction safe and healthy. Here is your reference.

Second, lung capacity increases and respiratory capacity increases

1. The exchange of water breath can be regarded as a form of deep breathing, can effectively stimulate respiratory function, improve the ability to take oxygen, etc.

2. As the density of water is high, the chest cavity and abdominal cavity have to bear greater pressure in water, and it is difficult to breathe. At this time, the muscles related to breathing are required to contract and relax more forcefully to meet the demand for oxygen supply during water exercise, so the capacity of ventilator is improved.

It can be seen from the above two points that people who insist on swimming for a long time can effectively improve their oxygen intake capacity and lung capacity.

Third, cardiovascular function is improved

When useful, the general level is more, venous blood flows to the heart more easily, so the venous return flow increases. In addition, as mentioned above, respiration will be deepened in water environment, which means that the suction effect of venous reflux will be increased. In the water movement is a single repeated movement, muscle activity is more rhythmic, to the vein extrusion effect. Finally, water has a massaging effect on the skin and small blood vessels.

The above description is for the benefit of venous return in water environment, can effectively improve cardiovascular function.

Fourth, the joint is not easy to damage

Because there is no rapid start or braking action in the water environment, joint structures, ligaments and muscles are not easy to be damaged, and some deep muscles can also have a certain strengthening effect. Swimming can also be a great rehabilitation exercise.

Fifth, the ability to regulate body temperature is enhanced

Generally speaking, the water temperature of swimming is lower than body temperature, so the cold stimulation can be generated in the water environment, and the body temperature can be normalized through thermoregulation. Regular activity in the water can improve the heat production and heat dissipation process, and enhance the ability to regulate body temperature.

If you are interested in high quality swimsuits, you can check out our website We provide swimsuits for every health-conscious swimsuit buyer.

The above are a series of positive changes in human body function brought by long-term swimming, hoping to help you.

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 Tárgy:Válasz erre:What are the benefits of long-term swimming..  
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Long-term swimming has clear benefits for your health. Studies show that it can improve your overall fitness level and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and strokes. In addition to these direct benefits, research has also shown on studybay site for that long-term swimming can lead to other significant improvements in your day-to-day wellbeing.

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