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Surrounded by the crowd is very surprised, and for a shout out of these famous big white face boy, some slag is really some can not stand. Elbow pressed white face boy: "Hello, I say little girl, make a discussion go?"? "Don't be surprised. I'm scared." "Humph!"! Who, who said I was a little girl. I, I am a man! He paused and stopped his chest. Without hesitation, some scum grabbed it, pinched it, and in Tiffany's stunned eyes, calmly and indifferently said, "It's no use. You have a bandage on your chest. I can see it at a glance.". The pectoral muscles are not like yours. They are obviously falling. They are not pectoral muscles, but chicken breasts. Still have, often wrap the bosom with bandage, bad to development, especially bosom model, can show eggplant shape, later your husband can vomit. Then he picked up the tomboy and threw him in the back. Tiffany glared at Dodoro and said with a straight face, "I've put up with her for a long time." All right, all right! Two of the six big horses in Mustang Town have come, and there are four more. Let's come out together! Landshundar laughed: "Violation of the law, the death penalty should be killed!"! You're all going to be judged! "Judge your family!"! Son of a bitch,metal racking systems, ghost eye, since out of the royal city, you have no chance to go back! Faster said ferociously. Some slag looked around coldly, the heart way: "I pull a ***, really have a master.". Tiffany glanced at the ghost animal man. "Didn't you say that you, a master, could sense the existence of others casually?"? Why, there are two people coming out now. Why didn't you say just now? Ghost animal male is serious: "You do not know,heavy duty cantilever racks, I this is to give that smelly fart male opportunity." Just as he was speaking, a gust of wind suddenly raged. Above a tornado in the sky stood a peerless handsome man, holding a harp in his hand. He played it gently and smiled: "Ghost Eye, long time no see." "Ah, ah, ah!"! To die to die to die, unexpectedly is steed Peter, too handsome ~ ~ ~ "" The tomboy was supposed to teach the ghost animal man who touched his chest as a meal, but suddenly a handsome man appeared, which made her scream, and the crowd around her said it was too dramatic. You can't do this, you can't do this! Some slag suddenly turned his head, shook the tomboy's shoulder forcefully, and shouted with a frightened expression: "I came here to watch the gladiatorial fight, not to see you explain the types of bandits on the spot!"! Whoo, whoo, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, whoo. Tiffany: "…" Are you having a fit again? The roar of a certain slag made several big masters twitch at the corners of their mouths. LandsHendal almost confiscated his momentum, but Ai's face was even more gloomy. His fists crunched, and the fierce breath in his eyes gradually increased. Seeing this scene, the ghost animal man's heart sank: Oh, the consequences of playing with Ai are very serious. Text ACT 087 Brother has nothing to say [Hum.. Dian Dian smoked just now, and he was 56 minutes late. One more. Seven o'clock. Quack "Who is this?" Dark Horse Blake's eyes brightened, and there were not many people who could be so calm and teasing after hearing their names. Although there are many golden masters in the world, there are not many people who really come out and walk around. Because the golden master is an important factor in guarding the stability of the country, organization and power, if the cannon of the national gate is an important force to resist the army, then the important force to guard the power center is the golden master. In Diamond City, several big shots did not come out. What do you think of the bandits in Mustang? Is someone trying to lure us out? "Everyone, since LandsHendal can attract this group of thugs, then these fierce bandits can certainly attract us out.". Who knows, there is no difference between prey and hunters. Temple Sword Leo, a tall man in the golden zodiac, with loose hair like a lion's mane, looked at the sea of people under the city with extraordinary power and majesty. To this extent, as long as he went out and waved his sword, tens of millions of people's heads would fall and rivers of blood would flow. But it doesn't make sense. Except for the Diamond Samurai, the rest.. Not interested. ” Just as the silver elite warriors are eager to challenge the gold warriors to promote their strength, the gold warriors are more eager to get closer, but the reason why the masters are called masters is that there are fewer masters, and it is more difficult to reach the sky in one step. And the legendary holy warrior. He has been dead for many years, and it is still a mystery who killed the holy warrior. The only invincible man in the Kingdom of Charles did not become invincible in the end. There are many monsters in the world. The mysterious druid warrior, the monster that killed the holy warrior. As for the side of the moat, some slag Hei Hei smiled and bowed his hand to the sky: "It's easy to say, Blake is in charge. You don't know me, but I know you.". I, the eldest young master of the Trofal family, pass through Mustang Town every year, but I pay a lot of tribute. Blake looked embarrassed and said shyly, "It's the eldest young master of the Trofal family. It's really.." That's rude. Please don't take offense. We're just trying to make a living. Dodoro waved his hand and didn't mind. "Black is in charge. It's boring for you to talk like that.". But I have no intention of asking for punishment. People have their own ways, and bandits have their own ways. The rules must be observed. If we can't break them, we can only compromise. Spread out his hands, some slag smiled, for the cost of Mustang Town, it is just a drop in the bucket on the trade road. What's more, the six big horses in Mustang Town have a good reputation and never kill or steal goods, which is why the Trofal family has always maintained this state. Otherwise Hey, hey. "Lord Dodoro, are you suspected of being a bandit?" LandsHendal laughed at the ghost animal man. Some slag curls his lips: "I am a bandit, how to drop it, you catch me, you catch me?" Some scum rolled his eyes and then continued, "And, Lands Hendal, I'm telling you, you've already pissed off Ed.". The three of us from Colman City,shuttle rack system, although they like to brag and fart, can't see this kind of little action. If you don't die today, you'll have half a life! 。

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