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Even if they grow up to be notorious and heinous, they always have a beautiful and precious memory with their mothers when they are born as babies and innocent children. Perhaps this memory is something called "human nature". The sun, the mother of life and civilization, still releases its light and heat selflessly and eternally, and also brings the glory of human nature to the surface of the celestial star and the starry battlefield, all the "quasi-magic people" who are on the verge of collapse. For a moment, all the crazy magic people stopped killing and destroying, but quietly listened to the song from the deepest part of their hearts. Oh, mother! Li Yao poured all the loudest songs into the metal torrent and blasted them into the center of the chest of "the heart of the black hole", "Mother in the candlelight!" "Boom, crack, crash!" The breastplate of the legendary "heart of the black hole" was finally pierced by Li Yao's "sonic fist". The spiritual power of destroying the withered and rotten filled the whole Lingfu in an instant and repeatedly cleaned up Li Jialing's body. And the eardrum. Wu Yingqi Li Jialing sent out an earth-shaking scream, ten fingers deeply embedded in his head, the whole person stretched into a bow about to break, almost endless black flame and blood fog, shooting out from the body. His eyes once again became stubborn golden, full of juvenile indomitable and angry. But the black flame and the fog of blood were all around him, forming a huge figure of vague, bared teeth and claws,wholesale plastic pallet, struggling to die. This figure is the soul of Wu Yingqi. Once again, he was forced out by Li Yao's singing and Li Jialing's will! Chapter 2653 the Palace of Dying Memories! "No, stop singing!" Li Jialing manipulated his body, his face full of weakness and pain, and waved to Li Yao repeatedly, "It's me, brother Yao, I'm normal now,collapsible bulk container, I've completely recaptured my body, please stop singing!" "Jialing!" Li Yao was overjoyed and stopped hurriedly. "Well, well, I don't sing. To be honest, I can't stand it myself.." Blood awn and black fog interweave into a twisted figure, but it is desperately struggling to get back into Li Jialing's body again. But Li Jialing's will condensed into a golden flame, blocking the re-invasion of Wu Yingqi's soul, and even in turn, devouring Wu Yingqi's soul. It is so dangerous that once the original master of the body awakens, it is very likely to devour all the power of the snatcher-Li Yao in the past, so devour the memory and power of Ou Yezi. Still want to get in? No way! It took Li Yao a great deal of effort to force Wu Yingqi's remnant soul out, but how could he retract into Li Jialing's body again? Instead, he condensed his psionic energy into his forehead, plastic pallet bin ,stackable plastic pallets, opened the door between his eyebrows, and condensed his mental strength into a huge hammer, which hit Wu Yingqi's remnant soul, "I top!" Boom! As if a huge bell had been struck, the spirits of Li Yao and Wu Yingqi collided violently, creating a shock wave visible to the naked eye. There is still a slight gap between the strength of the two souls, but Li Yao's soul has the protection of the original body, while Wu Yingqi's soul is tragically exposed in the void. The collision between the two is like an armored train hitting an ordinary shuttle car. It can be imagined who is more seriously injured. Li Yao's soul was only knocked back to the brain, but Wu Yingqi's soul was knocked apart, like a dark cloud blown away by the wind, which could not be re-condensed for a long time. Coupled with Li Jialing's constant release of brain waves, like the sharp blade of the sun, the dark clouds will be more fragmented. Ah! Ah! Ah Wu Yingqi has never been so discomfited and desperate. His fragmented soul is constantly twisted and struggling. He wants to reunite and is cut off by Li Jialing. He wants to flee and is resisted by Li Yao. Long Yangjun also took the opportunity to launch a final attack on him, and hundreds of crystal needles as thin as cow hair were shot, all of which were nailed into his soul. I- " This crazy generation of heroes, finally also came to the end of the road, a "I" word echoed in the twisted soul for a long time, can not say the next words, is about to be completely annihilated, never to be born. However, the "dark clouds" floating in midair suddenly contracted into hundreds of round and deep black water droplets, just like what Li Yao had just seen in the illusion space. Not good Li Yao's face changed greatly and he suddenly thought of the most terrible possibility. Since the "Tomorrow Plan" fell short of success, Wu Yingqi has suffered a series of heavy losses, struggling all the way to the present, has lost all the opportunities to turn the tables. But he still has the last choice, to detonate his last spiritual power, "soul explosion", and Li Yao and Li Jialing died together. In the depths of the Seven Seas Market, he once directed Wu Yingqin's heart to explode his brain by remote control, which almost caused serious damage to Li Yao. Now, although he has no real brain, the depth of his soul is far from comparable to Wu Yingqin's heart. Careful Li Yao made a prompt decision and subconsciously stood in front of Li Jialing-his spirit was far stronger than Li Jialing's, and there was no reason for his younger brother to be directly attacked by Wu Yingqi's spirit suicide before he died. Boom! Before Li Yao could completely block Li Jialing, hundreds of black drops of water, which condensed the power of Wu Yingqi's soul, burst into black storms, black waves, black whirlpools, sweeping everything! Li Yao was the first to be involved in the whirlpool of Wu Yingqi's violent consciousness, feeling the fragments of Wu Yingqi's soul, will, heart and memory, like a boat floating and sinking between the stormy waves. The real world disappeared again, and countless fragments of memory that were more real than the real came to his face,plastic trash bins, like a lifelike world on his face. This is Wu Yingqi's memory. Wu Yingqi's memory is like a hot bullet, which breaks through Li Yao's brain, making Li Yao stand in Wu Yingqi's perspective and experience a lot in a trance-just like the fragments of his memory of accepting Ou Yezi in the past.

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