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The little goddess said, "This is easier to handle. If there is the smell of chess, it must be a bookworm, not a cuckoo. You don't have to track it down!"! No! That's the cuckoo. You can't go after the wrong person. "Then don't I have another heart?" "In order not to chase the wrong person, the little brother had to be more careful." "Why does this deadly bookworm always hang out with the cuckoo?" Waner said, "Is it so difficult for the third sister to ask you to be more attentive?" What do you know! This makes me consume more True Qi and internal force. The little goddess said, "Little brother, it seems that this astute cuckoo already knows that you are tracking him!"! So he deliberately walks on the same road as the bookworm, intentionally telling you to chase the wrong person. "Is this cuckoo playing tricks on me like that?" "So if you want to distinguish them, you can distinguish them just by the smell of chess." "This cuckoo, my little monster is not finished with him!" The little goddess smiled: "Little brother, you find him again!" " Waner asked, "Third Sister, if we meet a bookworm, will we still be with him?" The little monster said, "Stay with him and keep an eye on him. Don't let him run around. I will catch up with the cuckoo unless the cuckoo doesn't go to the capital." The little goddess suddenly said, "Be careful!"! A superior man came to our inn. Waner was stunned. "Who is it?" The little monster said, "This area is close to the capital and Shaolin. Naturally, there are experts coming and going at night. As long as he doesn't disturb us, we don't have to worry about him." With these words,drum spill containment, a black thing flew in from the window, and the little monster and Waner were stunned. The little monster said, "Good job, you really bother us!" " But the little monster and Waner looked at it calmly, and the black thing, which was very fast, landed lightly and silently on the floor not far in front of them, stretching out a messy head. A pair of smiling eyes looked at them. Waner was pleasantly surprised: "Uncle Feng!"! Is that you? But the little monster jumped up and said,plastic pallet manufacturer, "Good!"! Do you want to scare us to death by doing this, you old beggar? "You Quirky little monster, can I scare you to death if I always scream?" Waner asked, "Uncle Feng, why are you hugging each other like this and breaking into our room at night?" A gust of wind says: "Do not ask, do not ask, do you have what to eat?" September Forum "Earth Visitors" Finishing Chapter 57 Wanli Tracking Last time I talked about a gust of wind and asked the little goddess if they had anything to eat. The monster said, "Do you fly into someone's room at night to beg for food?" Waner said, "Uncle Feng, it's so late. Those restaurants and restaurants are closed.". Where can we get you something to eat? The little goddess said, "Uncle Feng, we still have some dry food in our bags. Do you want it?" "Yes!"! Want! Why not? As long as I can fill my stomach! Do you have any wine? Waner shouted again, "You still want to drink!"! Uncle Feng, your heart is not enough for others, euro plastic pallet ,heavy duty plastic pallet, and the snake swallowed the elephant! Is it not enough to have dry food? Can't you use hot tea? A gust of wind says: "I beg two cups of wine to drink, be a snake to swallow an elephant?" The little monster said, "Uncle Feng, if you want wine, I'll get it for you." "Where are you going to get wine so late?" Waner asked. The little monster winked and said, "Don't ask, I have my own way." "You're not going to steal from someone's cellar, are you?" "Is it stealing if I leave the silver?" Little goddess smiled: "Little brother, then you go!" " The little monster went away. The little goddess asked a gust of wind, "Uncle, where are you going so late?" "Go to Xi'an.". ” What!? Are you going to Xi'an? "You big girl don't know, do you?"? The mysterious cuckoo appeared in Xi'an! "You're going to track the cuckoo?" "If I hadn't gone after the cuckoo, why would I have come here from the distant capital?"? Aren't you rushing to Xi'an, too? Waner said, "Uncle, we are from Xi'an. How can we rush to Xi'an?" What!? Are you from Xi'an? The cuckoo did not appear in Xi'an? Is this a rumor? Didn't that make me run away in vain? Said, the little monster came back, he not only brought back a jar of good wine, but also brought back two cooked chickens, he heard the last words of a gust of wind, then asked: "What?"? Who made you run away in vain? As soon as a gust of wind saw the cooked chicken and wine, he couldn't wait to stand up and said, "Don't ask!"! Don't ask! He grabbed the wine jar, patted open the sealing mud, and purred at the mouth of the jar. Have fun! This is a fine wine, little brother. Where did you get it? With these words, he grabbed a cooked chicken and ate it in a big bite. The little goddess laughed and said, "Uncle, don't be in such a hurry. Use it slowly. No one will grab it with you." "I'm very hungry!"! It's not urgent, okay? Little brother, you are so kind, I call you thank you! The little monster asked, "Uncle, who made you run away in vain?" "My uncle is from the capital," said Waner. "He's going to Xi'an to track down the cuckoo." The little monster said ( "What!?"? Go to Xi'an to track the cuckoo? Could it be that the cuckoo, whose whereabouts were uncertain, had gone from the capital to Xi'an again? He wouldn't play tricks on people like that, would he? No wonder uncle said he ran away in vain! Waner said, "You're just fooling around. You're talking nonsense before you hear it clearly." "What's the matter?" Asked the little monster. As soon as Waner said this, the little monster laughed and asked a gust of wind, "Uncle, why do you want to track the cuckoo?" "He played a trick on me. Can I not chase him?" "When did he play a trick on you?" Little brother, have you forgotten? I, Jiaohua, was kind enough to save him in Sichuan. I also used the True Qi of Jiaohua to help him get rid of the cold palm poison in his body. He didn't even say thank you. Instead, he left without saying goodbye after I fell asleep. I didn't even see his true face clearly. What is this if not a trick on me? No way! I told Hua Fei to find him! Waner said,plastic pallet manufacturer, "Uncle, you are not so stingy, are you?".

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