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 Tárgy:Mr. Fu loved her deeply because of her beautiful marriage...  
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Chen Chaosheng looked at the beautiful girl in front of him. She was not afraid of him, nor did she ingratiate herself with him. Moreover, she was not interested in him at all. He had been in power for a long time and had long been accustomed to the obedience and obedience of the people around him. If Miss Nie San was as servile as those who had received his favor, he would probably lose his interest. But she is like this, gratitude, is sincere, not mixed with any false elements, but also from beginning to end to maintain the distance of alienation. Chen Chaosheng nodded, "Miss Nie, this way, please." Gu Changjin looked at the palm bead with some worry, but she nodded to him, indicating that nothing had happened. He followed Chen Chaosheng to another room. Miss Nie, sit down. Chen Chaosheng raised his head slightly and pointed to the opposite sofa, but he shook his head: "Boss Chen, you are a straightforward person with a good reputation. I don't want to beat around the Bush with you. I don't think I need to think about what you just said for a long time. I can give you the answer now.." Palm beads full of courage, a pair of beautiful eyes with water light looked at him, "I don't want to hide boss Chen, in fact, I already have a fiance abroad." Chen Chaosheng is stupefied, this news let him also surprised, after all,eye cream packing tube, he let people check this three young ladies, she has always been single, the only intersection, but also that has long become a corpse of Li Qian. Few people know about it, because my fiance is a special person, so we didn't publicize it, but. This is indeed true. Chen Chaosheng frowned and did not speak. Zhang Zhu thought he didn't believe him. He lowered his head and carefully took out the chain soaked with the blood of Qu Fengchi from his bag and handed it to Chen Chaosheng: "Boss Chen, to tell you the truth, this is our token of love. That day,pump tube, in order to save me, he was almost shot dead. This chain was what he was carrying with him to give me.." From that moment on, he never left my side. When he returned home, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he took the chain off his neck and put it in his handbag. Unexpectedly, it came in handy here. This boss Chen, not like the kind of dirty and mean person, she said so reasonable, presumably, he will never be crooked again. Only Qu Fengchi has not been heard from for more than two years. Where on earth is he? When he was by her side, he protected her with his life, but when he was not, he still protected her in the dark. Palm beads can not help but think of that night, he walked silently, but gave her fireworks all over the sky, empty cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic tube, she was sad for so long, before slowly coming out. He didn't know to send her a message, as long as she knew that he was good, she was satisfied. Chen Chaosheng did not look at the chain, nor did he stretch out his hand to take it. His heart turned upside down, but he still had a faint smile on his face. He said gently, "It seems that I am really presumptuous. So, just pretend that I didn't say what I said just now. Miss Nie, don't take it to heart." Chen Chaosheng said, turned around and went out first. Everyone outside looked over. Chen Chaosheng smiled and said slowly, "I'm the host tonight, and I want to ask Miss Nie to show me my face." "How can you treat me?"? It should be my treat. Palm beads followed him out, Wen Yan immediately opened his mouth, "I am really grateful to you, boss Chen, so please give me this opportunity, don't rob me.." Chen Chaosheng fixed his eyes on her. After a while, he opened his mouth and said in a slow voice, "In that case, I'd rather be respectful than obedient." Leaving the hotel and saying goodbye to Gu Changjin, Zhang Zhu missed Nie Mingrong and took a taxi straight to the hospital. But when they arrived at the hospital, the doctors and nurses there said that someone had come to the hospital for Nie Mingrong last night, and she was no longer here. Asked the hospital Nie Mingrong where to turn, palm beads can not help but slightly stupefied, this is the best brain hospital in Nanyang City, but also she wanted to let the elder sister turn to that. She had mixed feelings in her heart, vaguely understood who did it, and could not help feeling more complicated. She took a taxi to the hospital in a hurry and found Nie Mingrong's ward. She was lying safely on the bed, and the nurse was gently wiping her body. She lives in a suite, which should be the best ward in the hospital. The room has everything, and the nurses work 24 hours a day to accompany her. It will not be like before. The spoiled people are not like ghosts. Palm beads accompanied Nie Mingrong for a whole afternoon, talking with her about the past of the Nie family, the happy and carefree days of their sisters in the past, but Nie Mingrong did not respond, just shallow breathing to remind everyone that she was still alive. Time is not early, the palm bead thought of the evening with Chen Chaosheng, got up to leave, before leaving repeatedly told the nurse, to be careful to care for Nie Mingrong, after all, she still has bedsores, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. In the taxi, Zhang Zhu called Fu Jingxing. It was five o'clock in the afternoon. Fu Jingxing finished his business and felt his neck stiff and sore. He stood up and moved his neck a few times. He lit a cigarette. In the middle of smoking, he suddenly remembered something. He immediately put out the cigarette and went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth. There seemed to be a faint smell of smoke on his shirt. He simply took a shower and changed into clean clothes. 243 still lied to him. 243 still lied to him. He suddenly remembered something, immediately put out his cigarette, and went to the bathroom to rinse his mouth. There seemed to be a faint smell of smoke on his shirt. He simply took a shower and changed into clean clothes. Zhang Zhu's phone call happened to come. Fu Jingxing picked it up and said, "Are you finished?" "Well.." Fu Jingxing, my elder sister. Did you arrange it? He gave a hum, and the palm bead only felt warm in his heart, and the sadness of the past few days and the tiredness of running around seemed to be gone. Where are you now? I'll pick you up. She agreed in the daytime that he would invite her to dinner in the evening. He had already said hello to Xie Chongjin,plastic laminted tube, Xu Song Shaoling, Lu Shen and others in advance. In the evening, everyone went to Jiangchuan Yijing for dinner. He was the host and formally introduced her to his close brothers.

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