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"Humph!"! Don't lie to me with your stupid watch. Last time you said five o'clock. What happened? She'll believe he's the ghost. This is a new watch sent from Switzerland just last month. It keeps good time. He stretched out his long arm and retrieved his little wife who was going to school. Are you sure it's five in the morning and not five in the afternoon? The thick curtains could not see the light outside at all. Uh, this.. He was knocked down, and there were only twelve scales on the surface, and there was no day and night. Have nothing to say! I knew you were not a reliable husband. Self-help is still relatively fast. What did you just say? He heard an exultant salutation. It's not reliable. He's sick! Why do you want her to repeat? Her perfect attendance award is about to fly. The next two words. Fandana looked under his crotch. You want me to say? "Wife, my little sun, is the word after the firm." Look at her rolling eyes and you can see that she's wrong. Tell me earlier! What a tongue twister? It's just my husband. Man can't be perfect. He has a strange head under his handsome face. Wife Lenny called her in an almost coquettish tone. She shuddered with goose bumps. Dry Why? "I love you." "Mmm!"! So is my heart. Whoa! His expression is very ambiguous. Honey, did I tell you that I asked for a week's wedding leave for you? Good milk flavor, the new house is sweet. Oh! You helped me to invite.. What? You helped me to invite.. Marriage leave?! She's dead. She's going to die a terrible death. Said she had a stomachache, said she fell down the stairs, or even was hit by a car into a coma, he actually found the worst excuse. Well, it's the worst kind of truth. You can't be too honest. She's not yet eighteen, and she doesn't want to be jealous of her beauty. Seeing that you are still in good spirits, it is not a problem to stay in bed for a few more days. Lenny rolled over her with a chuckle. You still have physical strength! I don't want.. Ah Don't! Fandana dodged and screamed. Wife, a hungry man is very terrible, especially after he has been celibate for more than six months. He gave an evil smile. Kang Rui,tannic acid astringent, who was holding a porcelain plate outside the door, smiled shyly, and his hand, which had stopped in midair, could not knock down. He thought that what his master needed was not food, but a little lady fresh out of the oven. Oh! Happy little woman,carnosic acid price, let a person see the eye is so red! I'm so jealous I want to vomit. It's not Siamese twins. They stick together like snot. Do you think super glue is out of stock? Broken! Resentful enough to want to find a man to love. In these days, good men are hard to find, and bad women are in the ascendancy. Girls who are neither good nor bad and who are stuck in the golden mean seem ordinary. They want the capital of a hero, so that the bad heart is not black enough. They are like old antique furnishings that few people care about, and they can't be sold to look good. The Mandarin duck is not a bird, but a duck. Look at a male duck feeding a strong female duck to eat peaches. It is said that there are as many eyes as it is an eyesore. I wish I could kill it with a knife and make it into Roast Beijing Duck. At least it has some function to fill my stomach. Is it more beautiful to be kept for a long time if you don't make progress at a young age and get married without success in your studies? Short-sighted, superficial, indecisive, and ambitious, there is only one word to offer: spit. Yukiko, we're guests! Why do people have three animals and five fruits in front of them, best green coffee bean extract ,jujube seed powder, but they only have a cup of black tea. Can't you worship in another direction? "What can I do?"! She is a'yellow-faced woman ', and we are a'sister-in-law alone', with different identities. I won't ask them if they want to eat fruit. Taiwan's honey peaches actually went to England. The bright peels look delicious, and the feeling of taking a bite must be good. If you want to marry someone without notice, you will spoil them without saying anything, and you will be struck by thunder. How dare you pretend to turn a blind eye. Kang Rui, who was standing aside waiting to be served, did not squint, and the slightly raised corners of his mouth destroyed the serious image. The little lady's friends are very interesting. Hello! Winnie, why do you curse her? She has corns in her head, ringworm in her buttocks, and flowers on her toes. I won't die for a while. Puff. Four people and eight eyes all looked at the tall and thin housekeeper who could not hold back the saliva, but he absolutely denied that it was saliva but laughed. Strange people, strange wives, strange servants, and strange families from head to foot. No wonder it's chilly. Blame the air conditioner for wearing less. Suzuki Yukiko sighed faintly, "people also want to eat biscuits!"! How can you drink black tea without snacks? Look how disgusting that shameless girl is. Remember to bring a knife next time. "Cut her.". The two talked to themselves as if they were singing a double act. The loving young couple simply ignored the uninvited guests. They drank a cup of black tea because Kang Rui did not know people clearly and mistook passers-by a and B for his wife's friends. Only three days after a week's marriage leave, they came to the door on the fourth day, only because they were not well informed and saw someone absent from school for two or three days before they went to ask the nun, otherwise they would have come to the door on the first day. After muttering for the better part of an hour, people were willing to respond a little. Is the country broken and the wealth scattered? Two refugees in a foreign land. Don't they know they don't have visitors in broad daylight? Look at her beloved husband's sleepy face, desperately resisting the sunshine ten feet away. Yeah! How about asking you to take him in? Winnie, who had never lived in a castle, was eager to try. Forget it. Stay where it's cool. Fan Danna, who refused, snuggled in her husband's arms to keep warm. Tut, how can you be so unloved by your classmates? There are at least hundreds of rooms in the castle. If you lend me one, it will be moldy! Petty and stingy. Winnie the Pooh. Don't pretend to be Joan of Arc. She's French. England won't accept her. Winnie doesn't have much love from her classmates. She betrays her again and again with Yukiko, and then divides the spoils on the spot. And their most excessive is not to give her, she is the protagonist! "Dana Doll, are you too heartless?" If she wanted to be burned, she didn't slap the flowers in anger. Winnie, do you understand the truth of being under the roof? Be careful that you can't even drink black tea. It's friendly enough to let them in the castle. She drank it all in one gulp and asked Kang Duan to refill the cup. Don't spoil her any more, Duke. Look, she's almost gone to heaven. Spoiling a woman also depends on the object. Some people can't be spoiled, such as the Oriental Doll surnamed Fan. As long as she's happy,saw palmetto extract, why not? If I don't spoil her, who will? Looking at the little wife, Lenny had an affectionate face.

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