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 Tárgy:World of Warcraft Classic has been hit by means of DDoS assaults..  
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World of Warcraft Classic has been hit by means of DDoS assaults this weekend, which started on Saturday, and even though Blizzard says the issues are now resolved, some gamers are nevertheless reporting that they're not able to log in on WOW Classic Items certain servers.

As Kotaku reviews, these DDoS attacks began at round 11 AM ET (3pm UK time) the day past, with a collection going by way of the name of UKDrillas claiming obligation, stating on Twitter that they would cycle through WoW Classic servers with their DDoS fireplace (the organization’s Twitter account has on account that been suspended).

According to the chatter that observed from players on Twitter, the outcomes had been considerable, and the institution centered extra than simply Classic servers finally, hitting normal WoW servers too.

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