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Trouble Brewing (Safe). Two groups struggle against one another to OSRS gold produce bottles of Rum. Players may receive experience in various skills by completing tasks necessary for the Rum production. Along with this there's NPC selling cosmetic things for points earned throughout the game. Beneath a Fossil Island you can find a Volcano which holds many precious ores. Players who posses over 50 Mining level and meet other demands can challenge themselves to mine said ores within a time constraints. It is a great moneymaker and an incredible way to level up Mining skill.

Additional minigames. Have you ever received Clue Scroll as a drop from monster or action? If you'd like, then you need to be acquainted with how to begin Treasure Trails. Enemies in the lands of Gielinor have a small opportunity to drop said Clue Scrolls which result in some place which may have a treasure. To complicate matters a little those pieces of paper have complicated puzzles which could be in shape of a map, drawing, rhyme or something else. As its name says, this is only a Clue of where your prize can be. After solving it, you might get a different one and in roughly 5 solves you'll receive treasure.

Burthorpe Games Room (Safe). Simply, only a board games area where gamers can perform various Jagex variations of the well known titles such as Connect Four or Draughts. Rat Pits (Safe). Players may train their routine cats to become Wily Cats who focus in fighting against Mice from the special arenas. Rogue Trader (Safe). By bargaining with Ali Morrisane who's greedy and cunning Pollnivnian retailer on the lookout for RuneScape gold buy new business opportunities it is possible to create a tiny profit in form of runes, clothing and blackjacks.

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