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 Tárgy:Hitman 3 players are already getting the titular hitman..  
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Hitman 3 players are already getting the titular hitman, Agent 47, into all sorts of antics. The franchise is famous for its sprawling levels that are full of civilians who could potentially thwart the player in assassinating their target. Players have plenty of straightforward options, but some fans are getting particularly creative in their missions. Take this streamer, for example, who undertook the monumental task of knocking out an entire town.

We know, because streamer RTGame Daniel did it live on camera over the course of just under seven hours. That's more than 200 NPCs all stacked on top of each other like so many salamis inside the butcher's walk-in, all resting peacefully after 47 choked them to sleep. It's a good thing they're sound sleepers, because it gets pretty crowded in there after the first dozen or so.

Even the developers of Hitman 3 at IO Interactive were impressed with the feat, though more so puzzled at how RTGame Daniel chose to spend his time in their carefully crafted sandbox game. Hey, everybody plays Hitman in their own way.

This isn’t just the work of a low-key sociopath with a lot of time on his hands; it was actually a way of seeing if he could kill every single NPC on the level in one go. We think that makes it better? To do this, he tried lobbing the exploding golf ball item into the freezer having already placed a leaking canister of propane.

Sadly, this didn’t work, with the streamer speculating that there was too much of a “meat shield” for all the NPCs to be killed in one go. However, he was successful in assassinating the folks he actually was there to murder, so that’s something we guess.

Now, technically, Daniel did manage to eliminate the two mission targets, though I'd hardly call it Agent 47's most elegant operation. I'd be less impressed with Mr Hitman's sleuthing skills in Dartmoor if it turned he'd just shoved the family in the back of a jeep.

You might think he’d chill out after this particular challenge, but Daniel has no intention of stopping. “The joy of games like Hitman for me is that they’re presented with an incredibly straight face, but allow you to do incredibly silly things,” he told Polygon over email. “I’ve previously killed 553 people using only a fish in the game, so it just seemed like a natural progression for the freezer challenge.”

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