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 Tárgy:Elden Ring Runes/Items Are On Sale For All Platforms -  
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Elden Ring has released 1.05 patch, and players are happy because the best Elden Ring Runes farms are still available.  The main purpose of the patch is to reduce bugs and fix some balance issues.

In the best rune farm in previous versions, Elden Ring players can get a lot of Elden Ring Runes without fighting, which gives them a huge advantage and benefit to upgrade their gear and skills. In the patched version, although there is no change to the best rune farms, players can't get as many Elden Ring Runes as before, now players have to duel them or find other ways to defeat them to get Elden Ring Items.

One other thing Elden Ring 1.05 patch didn't state is that runes have a clear value. You don't have to worry about not knowing how many runes to recharge when buying gear or upgrading. Runes with clear value allow you to level up better.

If your runes are not enough to pay for equipment or upgrades, you can Buy Elden Ring Runes on IGGM, where you can also buy other Elden Ring Items you need. And, you can enjoy 5% off with code "CSCCA". Check it now!

Buy Elden Ring Runes

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Tárgy:Válasz erre:Elden Ring Runes/Items Are On Sale For All Platforms -

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