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How are homeless people in Ipswich coping?



"It was horrible, there was nowhere you could go to get shade," says Derek Thompson. "You couldn't cool down - it was just too hot.


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"For people like us who are on the streets, it is not as easy to go into a house or a shop to cool down.


"We are stuck out here. It is crap really but we carry on."


Originally from Hull, Mr Thompson was homeless for six years living outside two different stores in Ipswich.


After a period of living with his partner, he has returned to the streets about two weeks ago after he was, he says, "kicked out".


Shortly before speaking to the BBC, Mr Thompson was given a bottle of sun cream by the Ipswich Housing Action Group, a charity which supports homeless people in the town.


"We can't all afford to go out and buy things like that because [sun cream] is expensive," Mr Thompson says.


"I will share this [the sun cream] with other people if they need it. It will probably go through about 20 people because when we're out here, we look out for each other."


'I cannot wave a magic wand'

Mr Thompson was given the sun cream by Robert Wragg, one of the outreach workers at the charity.


Each day he was carries out routine checks on those in the town who are known to be homeless.


The number of homeless people he will see sleeping on the streets each days varies from between three and 10.


"It is erratic, it is not a regular number," he says.


Amid the heatwave, Mr Wragg and his colleagues have been out offering bottles of water, hats and sun cream to those they encounter.


'It just runs off me like milk'

One of those who politely turns down the offer of free sun cream is Simon, who has been homeless for 18 months in Ipswich after his marriage broke down.


"The only reason that I don't use it is because when I sweat, it just runs off me like milk," the 52-year-old says.


That is not an issue if you have ready access to showers and a washing machine, but a big issue if you don't, he says.

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