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 Tárgy:Risk is low in Scotland as 54 cases confirmed..  
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Risk is low in Scotland as 54 cases confirmed



The risk of the monkeypox virus to people in Scotland is low, according to a public health expert.


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Prof Linda Bauld said only a small number of cases had been identified north of the border, it is a mild illness and there is a vaccine.


It came as the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak a global health emergency.


There have been 54 confirmed cases of the virus in Scotland since 23 May.


They are among 2,208 confirmed cases in the UK.


Most are men who are gay, bisexual or have sex with men. They are also linked to recent travel to London or Europe.


Prof Bauld, a professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh and an advisor to the Scottish government, told BBC Radio Scotland's The Sunday Show: "The risk to the public in Scotland remains low.


"The numbers are really small. It's a mild illness and we have a vaccine originally developed for smallpox.


"So it's totally different from Covid-19 and that's a very important point to make."


The virus is not sexually transmitted but it is passed by very close contact, she added.


"The reason the World Health Organisation has triggered this emergency response .... is to send a very clear message to a number of countries who may not be responding to this global outbreak that more action is needed," she said.


"I know we're still in and coming out of a pandemic, we are going to see diseases like this emerge but it needs to be put in a broader context and not alarm people."

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