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 Tárgy:Rugby star Gareth Thomas sued after ex-partner gets HIV..  
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Rugby star Gareth Thomas sued after ex-partner gets HIV



Former Wales and British and Irish Lions captain Gareth Thomas has been accused of "deceptively" transmitting HIV to a previous partner, according to High Court legal papers.


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Ian Baum has alleged Mr Thomas hid his HIV status, "failing to take reasonable care" to ensure he did not pass it on.


Mr Baum is suing the TV personality for £150,000.


Mr Thomas' legal team has been asked to comment, but it is understood that he is strongly contesting the claim.


In court papers, Mr Baum claimed he had a relationship with him between 2013 and 2016 and that he was HIV negative when the relationship began.


It is alleged he found out Mr Thomas had HIV when he saw a tablet marked GSK1.


"On googling the GSK1 pill, the claimant discovered that the defendant was taking antiviral HIV medication," the documents said.


Mr Baum then "immediately" made an appointment for a HIV test. The court papers state that when he found out he was positive for the virus, he was left "devastated".

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