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 Tárgy:Rain and Clouds-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise..  
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Zhu yuanzhang said, "So if you can manage to steal such a list of the Destiny Sect, we can uproot Hu Weiyong's influence.". Alas! I have to rely on you again. I'm really worried about how you can deal with so many things by yourself. "Don't forget who helped me, boy," said Han Bo with a smile. . Remembering Fan Liangji, Zhu yuanzhang laughed and said cheerfully, "Do you have any special request? If you want that daughter, I will betroth her to you immediately." No one knows better than him that this boy doesn't love rivers and mountains and loves beauties. Embarrassed, Han Bo said with a smile, "Women can be avoided. The King of Yan just sent a blonde beauty to the boy. Now his only wish is to get up late. The boy hasn't had a good sleep for many days." Zhu yuanzhang saw that he was completely indifferent to his reward and corrected his spleen and stomach. "All right," he said with a dumb laugh! You don't have to come to see me in the morning unless it's necessary. Then Zheng Rong asked, "When will Qin Mengyao come?" Han Bo replied briskly, "She said she would come to the palace to see the emperor tonight." "But she has one condition:" she hesitated. Zhu yuanzhang did not expect it to be so easy. "What are the conditions?" He asked with a happy look on his face. Han Bo sighed in his heart and steeled himself and said, "She wants the boy to listen in at that time." As soon as Zhu yuanzhang was stunned, the dragon's eyes flashed with lightning. He stared at Han Bo for a moment and said in a harsh voice, "Tell me the truth quickly. What is the relationship between you and Qin Mengyao?" Han Bo was startled by him. He was about to tell the truth when Zhu yuanzhang said in a huff, "Needless to say, I'm going to ask her myself tonight." The two men calmed down. After a while, Zhu yuanzhang asked,stainless steel toilet, "Do you have any plans for Concubine Chen?" Han Bo said with a wry smile, "The boy is really at his wits' end. You can't rush into the inner palace and seduce her." When Zhu yuanzhang saw his bitter face, he became proud. "Don't be so nervous," he said with a smile. "I'll arrange it properly. I'll give you a chance to test it. Alas! Perhaps life is too dull, and the crises in front of me make me feel comfortable and full of vitality. And you come to me from time to time to relieve my boredom. But you have to be careful. Blue Jade is narrow-minded and won't let you go. After talking for a while, Han Bo remembered something and said, "These two days,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, two good friends will come to Beijing to help me deal with Fang Yeming. One of them, hey.." Is the master of the Nu Jiao Gang, the boy thought. Zhu yuanzhang interrupted him and said, "Is it the" sharp knife "Qi Changzheng?" "How could the emperor have guessed?" Asked Han Bo in horror. As usual, Zhu yuanzhang could not explain. He said with a smile, "The other one is Fengxinglie. He is coming to Beijing by boat. Alas!"! If I do not have the intention to release, how can he be so smooth, rest assured! "I have already informed Ye Sudong to take care of your friends and never ask about their affairs." Then he snorted coldly, "Song Kun is Hu Weiyong's man. If I hadn't wanted to frighten the snake, I would have raided his house. That slap is very good. If he messes with you again, you can kill him at will." Han Bo's scalp is tingling, and Zhu yuanzhang's hiding is the most terrible. No wonder he can overwhelm all the heroes and become the supreme in the world. When it was time for the morning, Han Bo hurriedly took his leave and hurried back to the old lane of the left house. When he reached the corner of the street and was planning how to deal with the unruly woman Xu Ye Yue, Flushometer valve ,Self-closing Faucet, a sweet voice called out in the back, "Your Excellency!" Han Bo turned his head away, impressively dressed up as the beauty of a bookworm. Overjoyed, she rushed over, grabbed her little hand, and turned into a quiet alley. The beauty is tame to let him pull, the expression is complex, the eyebrows and eyes are full of resentment. When Han Bo saw that there was no one around, he made her strong. After a long kiss, he relaxed a little and said, "Are you looking for me?" Xiuse looked at him affectionately, nodded, and then looked gloomy: "Han Bo: Xiuse is very afraid!" " "Who dares to bully you?" Said Han Bo in astonishment. "Let me stand up for you." Xiuse hugged him tightly and said sadly, "No one is bullying me. They're just worried about Sister Hua. She.." "Beauty!" As soon as the two men were shaken apart, they saw Ying Sanhua standing ten paces away, staring at them with a livid face. With a sob, the beauty escaped from the other end and disappeared. Even Han Bo called her and ignored her. Ying Sanhua came over and said, "Han Bo!"! You'd better not mind your own business now that you can't protect yourself. Remembering that she had flattered the King of Yan and his son, Han Bo became angry and said with a sneer, "Who is in charge of your business? But don't say I didn't say anything first. If you are tired of your beauty for personal gain, I will never let you go." Ying Sanhua's eyes turned red and she was forced to come up. She puffed out her chest and shouted, "I'm going to hurt her. How about that?"? Kill me if you want! Come here! Do it quickly, I don't want to be a man. "Who's interested in killing you? Humph!" Said Han Bo helplessly! Knowing that I won't kill you, I put on this posture. If you don't even value death, you don't have to take advantage of your body to the father of the King of Yan. Ying Sanhua finally shed tears. Pink fists rained down on Han Bo's broad chest. "Kill me!" She cried sadly! Kill me! Han Bo's heart softened. He stretched out his hand to untie her skirt and said, "Don't cry!"! Let me see if the memorial dentition is still intact. "Ying Sanhua was taken aback and drifted away." You've made her so angry, "she said." She's going to play tricks on her. When Han met her, she returned to normal and remembered her old hatred. She said disdainfully, "If you don't look, you don't look. Do you think I really want to look?"? Leave it to the King of Yan! Turn around and walk away. When the wind blew, the flowers scattered over his head. His pretty face turned white with anger. He blocked the way and said, "Stand there!"! We can't go until we figure out our business. Han Xiang was so happy that he felt the more he could hurt her, the happier he was. "You are you, and I am me," he said indifferently. "What about us?" Ying Sanhua straightened up her small waist and said in a trembling voice with tears rolling in her pretty eyes, "Good!"! Tell me one more time. Han Bo is most afraid of women's tears, softening down. He took the first two steps, grabbed her shoulders, and sighed, "Since you want to be the plaything of the King of Yan so much, why do you act like you are still in love with me? Isn't that just making everyone sad?" Ying Sanhua hung her head and said softly, "Han Bo,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, you won't understand her. You'll never understand her." With a strong effort, he got away, covered his face and left crying.

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