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In short, the situation is still under his control. Standing here, he slowly feels that his physical strength has improved, which is better than going forward for another night and then losing his footing. I'm too old, and I'd rather endure than rush. Accidents always come at a loss. At his age, he can't react as fast as he used to. The stuffy oil bottle was very obedient, which made him feel a little sorry. In fact, he was a little curious about the stuffy oil bottle. He said that the whole Motuo, a person went into the snow mountain alone, and there were basically no people who took such a road. This should be the first time. This stuffy oil bottle, look at the age, look at the style of conversation, do not know what the purpose is, it really makes people feel mysterious. Do you seem to work for foreigners? Laba rested for a while, several people crowded together, he asked the stuffy oil bottle, he needs to say something, in this tired, if you can not hold on, people are likely to fall asleep. Foreigner The stuffy oil bottle shook its head slightly. "Why do you ask that?" "In the past, most of the people who hired us to walk these roads were foreigners, tall and big,Stainless Steel Toilet China, with blond hair and white hair, some with blue eyes and some with green eyes, like cat's eyes." The stuffy oil bottle did not speak, the snow foam was all on his face, he could not see the expression clearly, it seemed that he was listening, and it seemed that he did not want to answer him at all. Quiet half ring, stuffy oil bottle just says: "Also be to take this road?" "There are people who take all kinds of roads." Raba said,Prison toilet for sale, "Every road has different dangers, but foreigners find more porters, want to transport everything, and give less money, but this road is less in this season, otherwise, maybe we can meet one or two other people.". But these roads are not really difficult to walk, everything is easy to do when the snow stops, and the place where you have no way to go is really terrible. I said, every mile I walk, I'll give you a piece of advice. The stuffy oil bottle did not answer. Every time he said this, he stopped talking. Raba thought to himself that it was not long enough to come in. As long as he walked slowly, one day he would retreat. The environment here is not something that ordinary people can bear. Then why did you come? The stuffy oil bottle asked for a long time. Raba was silent for a moment. He remembered the children at home. Why did he promise the Lama to come here at that time? He was selfish. He didn't want to go on. But if the stuffy oil bottle didn't know how to turn back, he couldn't help it. He touched the Tibetan knife in his hand. It was too simple to kill a man. It was so simple that he didn't even need a knife. Owe money. He answered curtly. This very small movement was immediately captured by the stuffy oil bottle, but he didn't pay much attention to it. What danger will we be in? The stuffy oil bottle did not ask him again, Time Delay Faucet ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, but asked a more practical question. Danger? There is nothing dangerous here. Let me tell you, in the snowy mountains, everything is your enemy. The sun, the wind, the snow, the sound of speech, the stone, any one of them is angry, and you will die. There is no danger here, everything is dangerous, and all kinds of ghosts in the snow, people who die in the snow, if they can't find their way back, they will always wander here. "Ghost?" The stuffy oil bottle seemed to hear a very interesting thing, "Do you also avoid this?" "Where are people not taboo?" "Anything that's alive is taboo," Rabar said. "People are much more terrible than ghosts, and people can't see through them." The stuffy oil bottle said, "a living person is not as good as a ghost." Then he took a look at Laba's Tibetan sword. Laba was a little nervous. He wondered if he had seen through something. He hesitated. The Tibetan knife had been drawn into the hands of the stuffy oil bottle. You The stuffy oil bottle threw the hidden knife into the cliff under the body. "It's useless to throw away the useless things earlier and put them on the body. It's too heavy." Laba watched the Tibetan knife fall quickly, hit the stone and bounced off, then disappeared in the snow, realizing that he had met a ruthless character, turned to look, and saw the stuffy oil bottle also looking at him, eyes full of indifference, as if what had just happened was not what he had done. All right, here, the knife is not really that important, Raba thought. Moreover, there is more than one person with a knife, in the road ahead, there is always a need to help or pull, at that time can be done at any time. The wind gradually subsided, and after the knife-like wind pressure on Laba's face slowly eased, he felt much more comfortable. Then, at this time, he saw something familiar on the mountain road ahead. It was another group of porters, walking in front of them, far away, and nothing could be seen in the snow and wind just now, and now the black spots were revealed. Is it strange that this road is so popular this winter? He said to himself, "You can't shout or talk here because it will cause an avalanche.". He just watched quietly and found that none of the porters moved, no movement, and all the black spots remained like that. They're all dead. Rabah looked at it for a long time and then suddenly said, "Those are dead people." Those must be dead, and must be frozen to death here, they are like them, leaning against the mountain wall to rest, and eventually all frozen to death, stuck to the mountain wall by the ice. Raba suddenly felt a chill. He immediately stood up and said to the others,stainless steel shower tray, "The wind is getting weaker. Let's move on.". Go and see who these bodies are in front of you. wWw:xiaoshuotxt? com Chapter 13 notes on the ultimate world. Txt + ~ Xiao < Shuo + Tian > Tang Look at the mountain and run a dead horse-Himalayas, run a dead horse. The dead people in front were frozen on the rock wall and looked very clear. Although it is only a few dozen meters away from them. But under the circumstances, It will be four or five hours before we really get there.

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