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 Tárgy:The Last of the Mohicans..  
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As soon as the two women were seated on their horses, their attendant officer jumped lightly onto the saddle of the horse. The three men bowed to General Webb, who was standing at the door of the cabin to see him off, then turned their horses around and walked slowly with the rest of the men to the north exit of the camp. None of them said a word, but walked through the short distance in silence. But when the younger woman saw the Indian messenger suddenly slip to her side and lead her on the road before her, she could not help giving a little cry of surprise. The other woman, though she did not cry out at the surprising suddenness of the Indian's action, could not help lifting her own veil in amazement, and there was an indescribable pity in her face, as her dark eyes watched the Indian's easy, light steps. A look of admiration and horror. Her hair was black and shiny like a crow's feather. Her skin was not brown, but full of blood, as if every blood vessel was full and ready to burst. However, her face was neither vulgar nor ordinary, but dignified and beautiful. As if aware of her momentary forgetfulness, she smiled, revealing a row of teeth that made the white ivory blush. She dropped her veil, bowed her head, and rode on in silence, as if she were absent-mindedly oblivious to the landscape. Small. Say 。 T/X/t days. Don Chapter II Sola! Sola! Oh,Flush valve price, ha ha! Sola! -Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice, Act 5, Scene 1. While one of the two beautiful women whom we have briefly introduced to our readers in the last chapter was thus meditating, the other, having quickly recovered from the alarm which had caused her to cry out, laughed at her own cowardice, and asked the young officer on horseback beside her: Hayward, do such ghosts often appear in the forest? Or did you come here to amuse us? If it is the latter,Flush Retrofit Kit, we have nothing to say but gratitude. But if it's the former, then Cora and I will have to show some of our vaunted, ancestral courage before we meet the terrible Monkham. "This Indian is a messenger in our army, but among his own countrymen he may be a hero!" Replied the young officer. "He volunteered to show us the way, leading us to the lake by a path few people know about.". We can go this way faster than we can follow the slow-moving army, and because of this, we can be more comfortable. "I don't like him," the woman said, her voice trembling. She was partly pretending, but more really afraid. "You know him, Duncan, or you wouldn't trust him so casually to take care of him?" 'Yes, I trust him as much as I trust you, Alice. I know him, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, or I wouldn't trust him, especially at a time like this. It is said that he was a Canadian himself, but was cast in the service of our friends the Mohawks, who, you know, are one of the Six Tribes of the Alliance. I heard that he was brought to us by some accident, and that your father took the matter seriously and dealt with it personally, and that the savage was severely punished-but I can't remember the baseless story, anyway, just to know that he's our friend now. The Iroquois Confederacy. Around 1570, Mohawk chief Hiawatha United the Iroquois tribes of Mohwak, Oneida, Seneca, Cayuga, and Onanda, and later joined the Tuscarora to form the Six Nations. They were the most powerful tribal group in North America at that time in the northwest New York colony. If he had been my father's enemy, I would have disliked him even more! Cried the girl, and now she was really worried. Major Hayward, can you talk to him so I can hear his voice? It may seem silly, but you must have heard that I judge people by the tone of their voice. ” "Nothing will come of this.". Besides, it's likely that he just shouted in reply. Though he may know English, like most of his countrymen, he will pretend not to know it at all, and he will not deign to speak it, especially now that the war requires him to be as dignified as possible. Look, he's stopped. It must be the path we were going to take. Major Hayward was not wrong in his guess. When they came to the spot where the Indian was waiting, he pointed into the jungle beside the road of March, where he could see a narrow path that was hidden and barely passable by one man at a time. Here we are, "whispered the young officer," and this is the way to go. "Don't look distrustful, or you may incur the danger you fear." "What do you think, Cora?" "Goldilocks, who was a little displeased, asked her sister." If we go with the troops, although we may find them a little annoying, won't our safety be more secure? "You don't know much about the habits of these Indians, Alice, so you're mistaken about the real danger." Hayward said. If the enemy had reached the dry road, which was impossible, because our scouts were everywhere, and if they were, they would have heard the news and reported it, they would have come to outflank our troops in order to scalp them as much as possible. The route of the procession was known to all, and our route, which had been fixed temporarily,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, must still be a secret. It was the custom of the Indians to scalp their enemies as trophies. Is it because this man's manners are different from ours, and his skin is dark, that we don't trust him? Cora said coldly.

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