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Dormitory uniform lights out, after nine o'clock, the whole camp is quiet, the sky ten thousand new moonlight, occasionally emerged from the clouds. Han Feng couldn't sleep. Seeing that everyone was sleeping soundly, he got out of bed and went to the window. Looking at the scenery outside, the dust-laden memories in his mind emerged again. In front of the comrades-in-arms, the figure of hard training seems to flash in the playground again, and the loud slogan sounds faintly in the ear. This dormitory building, which was not built before, should be specially built for students' military training. It can be seen that the state has invested money, and the conditions and equipment inside are much better than those in ordinary barracks. If we can really imprint the traces of soldiers on these students within a month, this so-called elite military training is really a good policy. Han Feng can vaguely understand the essence of the elite military training policy. Standing for a while, Han Feng suddenly remembered that today's exercise had not been done, hesitated for a moment, he came back and made his quilt into a humanoid shape, then opened the window, dodged and jumped down. The windowsill is not high from the ground, about 2.5 meters, after Han Feng landed, the body quickly squatted down, a buffer, the speed will be removed. The general pattern of the camp has not changed, and Han Feng knows that there is a place that is very quiet and suitable for him to exercise. The night in the barracks was silent, without a sound, except for the strange and monotonous music played by various insects and small nocturnal animals. Soon,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, Han Feng arrived at his destination. This is a basketball court. Han Feng and his comrades used to play basketball here. The location is a bit out of the way, the accommodation is not in the area, and hardly anyone comes here at night. Although it was dark all around, it did not affect Han Feng's actions. Han Feng's eyes, now converted to the night mode, can be very sensitive to the surrounding light, the surrounding things, in his view, although not as clear as the day, but almost,Concealed Flush Valve, at least will not kick a sudden bulge in the middle of a stone. The basketball court is still there, and it has been specially covered with cement. I don't know how many times the basketball racks on both sides have been changed, but they are still a little shabby. Han Feng took a deep breath and started the exercise program in his brain. The night is as cool as water, and a dark shadow makes all kinds of extremely difficult movements on the basketball court at a very fast speed. The sound of whirring can be heard faintly. This set of movements, Han Feng has long been used to, do it, also do not feel much pain, more is the body constantly produces a variety of Dan flow on the body's moisture stimulation, so that he is like drinking nectar, the whole body is comfortable. These Dan flows, under his persistent exercise, have a tendency to strengthen and thicken, and now they are at least twice as large as before. Han Feng's whole body was soaked with hot sweat, feeling dripping, and once again accelerated the speed, only to see a figure constantly flying on the court, like a black butterfly, silent, stainless steel squatting pan ,push button toilet flush valve, flowing, coherent and natural. At this point, "bang!" There was a loud sound! The surroundings suddenly brightened, and the whole basketball court seemed like day! But at this time, Han Feng's whole body was just somersaulting in the air. Faced with this situation, he was startled and shouted that it was not good. He immediately stopped the next movement. After a 360-degree turn to buffer the speed, he squatted on the ground with one hand. Awful Chapter 67-catch another one. The first test of elite military training was added after several years of military training. There was a time when students refused to make trucks and refused to get on the bus. Later, there was a lot of trouble. Finally, the army compromised and sent them to the barracks by bus. But as soon as the opening was opened, it was out of control. As soon as these students met with unpleasant things, they United to protest. Against the drillmasters, they are the best of the major colleges and universities, and the parents hold them in the palm of their hands. The drillmasters can't treat them like ordinary soldiers, so they are afraid of hands and feet. The military training can't go on, so they have to report the matter and let the higher authorities make a decision. The instruction above is that as long as there is no disability accident, they can do whatever they want, and only care about the results! With this order, the soldiers were reassured and began to let go of their hands and feet, drilling them as hard as ordinary soldiers, and all protests were ignored. Continue to make trouble? In the brig! In order to make everyone put their minds right as soon as possible, forget their status as God's favored son, and regard themselves as an ordinary soldier, a series of measures and means have been formulated, and taking a big truck is one of them. According to experience, many students will shrink back at the first time, thinking that they can't bear this kind of hardship, so they begin to try to escape that night. Want to be a deserter? No way! There have been countless students trying to escape through various means and methods, but eventually they were dragged back like dead dogs, and then thrown directly into the detention room for several hours. Speaking of, the process of chasing deserters for the soldiers, is also a kind of enjoyment, it has become one of the entertainment activities they must do every year, after all, the life of the barracks is very boring, since the above sent them such fun supplies to relieve boredom, they do not make good use of it, it is not too sorry for the pains of the above? You want to run, no problem, run, use all your skills, run as hard as you can, run as hard as you can, it's better to have some technical content, don't be caught by us so quickly, too easy is too boring. Three in the second row, two in the third.. Fu Yong, the platoon leader of the seventh platoon, held a piece of paper in his hand and said while counting, "My darling is the strongest in our seventh platoon, and he ran eight at a time!" "Haha, Beitian University is a sports university, one by one as strong as a cow, even so bitter can not eat!" Liu Fang in the second row said, "The students in the first row are good, but none of them are there." Fu Yong curled his lips and said, "What's the use of being good?"! When the time comes, you can see that we must be the first! The students in Shuimu were stunned by reading. He Tai smiled and said nothing. Su Pengxiang,Time Delay Tap, who had been staring at the monitor at the door, looked at the time and said, "It's almost time. I haven't seen any other students come out for so long. I guess I've fallen asleep." 。

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