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With the sound of "poof-", Emperor Mujianzhen's blood spurted wildly, and the sound of "snap" of broken bones sounded from his body. The bones on his body were broken inch by inch. Even if he borrowed the road with his body at this time, the road of the first ancestor was melted into his body, but at this time, the road of the first ancestor cast by his body was still broken inch by inch. In the cracking sound of "click, click, click", we can see that the Great Way Law, which is the Supreme Sutra, is broken one by one under the suppression of the force of terror. If it goes on like this, not only the body of the Supreme Sutra will be crushed, but also the whole body of Emperor Mujian will be crushed. At this moment, even if the bones of the whole body are broken inch by inch, but Mu Jian Zhen Di is still clenching his steel teeth, strongly supporting Li Qiye's suppressed arms, even if he is crushed into meat sauce, even if he is crushed into blood fog, he must be forced to support, as long as he has the last breath, he must support to the end, he absolutely can not give up. At this time, Mu Jian Zhen Di has no way out, he has no choice, only to hold on to death, after all, his whole body fusion of the strength of hundreds of millions of disciples of Mu family orthodoxy, behind him is home. If he collapses, their Mu family orthodoxy will also be destroyed, and the hundreds of millions of disciples of their Mu family orthodoxy will lose their homes, weaken and become fish on the chopping block. So, the sound of broken bones sounded, Mu Jian Zhen Di is also desperately to make his back straight,Service Sink Faucets, even if the spine is broken, he also wants to raise his head, he must be like this, he shoulders the hope of the whole Mu family orthodoxy, he guards the whole Mu family orthodoxy. No, no, no.. Looking at Mu Jian Zhen Di struggling to support, hundreds of millions of disciples of Mu family orthodoxy can not help but fall into despair, can not help but cry out sadly, in this terrible town to kill, their entire Mu family orthodoxy are in a desperate situation, when Mu Jian Zhen Di fell,Manual Flush Valve, is the time of their destruction. At this moment, the hundreds of millions of disciples of Mu's orthodoxy really tasted the taste of despair. On weekdays, as one of the three giants, the orthodox children of the Mu family all regard themselves as superior to others, especially for the weak inheritance, for the weak, they have a mentality of living high and seizing life and death. But, today, their pride, their conceit, is gone, darkness has been shrouded in their heads, they have fallen into a desperate situation, when Mu Jian Zhen Emperor fell, is the day they disappeared. So, in despair, hundreds of millions of disciples of the Mu family can not help but cry out, but, at this time they are so incapable, they can not do to turn the tide, the first person is too powerful. For a while, in the Mu family, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, no matter how powerful the ancestors were, no matter how outstanding the geniuses were, at this moment they were so pale and powerless, they all felt so weak and insignificant. The Mu family is finished. See such a scene, everyone took a breath of cold air, the first murderer, it is too invincible, Mu home in the peak state, in the case of all the details, still can not do anything about the first murderer, the strength of the two sides is too different. Watching Mu Jian Zhen Di being crushed inch by inch, I don't know how many people shivered, whether it was a powerful immortal God, or a peerless genius who thought he was insufferably arrogant, when he saw the invincibility of the first fierce man, his legs were shivering, his legs were weak, and even some people had collapsed on the ground. In such a state of Mu Jian Zhen Di, it is already an invincible strength, but is still crushed by the first murderer, simply unable to compete with it, just think, if it is their own, if it is their own orthodoxy, in the hands of the first murderer, I am afraid that even a fist can not support, I am afraid that the first murderer a fist down, their own orthodoxy will be destroyed. So, think of this, everyone can not help but creepy, can not help but pale, at this time, how many people look at the first murderer's eyes full of fear, and even many people do not even have the courage to see the first murderer. "Hundred days of reincarnation-" when everyone was desperate, suddenly sounded an old heavy drink. An old sound sounded, heard a "hum" sound, the moment the sound sounded, followed by a "bang, bang, bang" sound of collapse resounded through the world. Everyone has not yet reacted to what is going on, only to see a time crystal line thrown high, each time crystal line runs through tens of millions of trends, under such a time crystal line, any time and space will be penetrated. Under this time crystal line, a round of obsidian sun hit and went, a round of obsidian sun hit and came, not only hit heaven and earth so simple, it is an instant to break through the time level, break space, crush the law. The sound of "bang, bang, bang" sounded one after another, and a round of obsidian sun hit Li Qiye in an instant, and this round of obsidian sun did not go at the speed, it was coming from the impact of the time crystal line, so this was already coming from the time level, not from the space and speed field. At the same time, he hit Li Qiye. Finally, he heard a loud noise of "boom". Li Qiye was blown out and crashed into the sky. In the sky, he could hear the sound of "boom, boom, boom". Li Qiye was knocked into the sky by a hundred rounds of obsidian sun under such a time crystal line. His body smashed the stars in the sky, smashed the Milky Way, and finally disappeared in the stars. All of a sudden, everyone's mouth is wide open, a long time to come back to God, before this, everyone saw, Mu Jian Zhen Di, Mu family orthodoxy has fallen into a desperate situation, everyone thought Mu Jian Zhen Di,Time Delay Tap, Mu family orthodoxy will be destroyed, did not expect, there will be such a big reversal at this moment.

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