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In Song Lianzhou's eyes, Lin Jing instigated the relationship between him and Yu Meng, making them divorce is no different from wanting to kill him. In the face of the enemy, he naturally will not give her any good look. [Ding-Congratulations to the host for completing the task of'helping his wife clean up the White Lotus 1 'and gaining 10 hours of life value] The notice of the pet wife number made Song Lianzhou's eyes flash. He has figured out the routine of this system, as long as it is beneficial to his wife, no matter what it is, it is possible to increase his life value. Compared to just black face, Song Lianzhou's face improved a lot, so that Lin Jing's heart rose a glimmer of hope. Could it be that he figured it out? He felt that what he had just said was too serious, and he was embarrassed to tell her, so he would ease his face to her? Little did he know that he was only happy because his life value had been extended by ten hours. Yu Meng did not know that Lin Jing had begun to sow dissension and destroy her relationship with Song Lianzhou. If she knew, she would shout: "Lin Jing, come on!"! Love tiger oil! Of course, Song Lianzhou, who knew about this, did not intend to tell Yu Meng about it, lest Yu Meng go to form an alliance with Lin Jing and pit him together. Since Yu Meng put sweet potatoes in the steamed bread,plastic pallet supplier, Song Lianzhou did not like the original steamed bread. Before he went to work, he went next door to buy some sweet potatoes and wanted her to steam them for him at noon. Chapter 61 hypocrisy. Yu Meng only brought him a meal cooked in the morning, not even a dish. Where's the food? Song Lianzhou opened the lunch box, picked up the chopsticks and pulled the white rice. When he found nothing inside, he looked up at Yu Meng. Yu Mengnu pouted: "Just eat like this. I always eat like this." Yu Meng said frankly. Song Lianzhou did not expect that she would attack his lunch today. He pinched his eyebrows with a headache: "What's wrong now?" Had it not been for the system that made him have to live together and have such a daughter-in-law, he would rather be a bachelor! "I don't have any food at home, and I have no money,plastic pallet supplier, so I have to eat rice." When speaking, Yu Meng also spread out his hands, not afraid to be listened to by Lin Jing on one side. Seeing that Song Lianzhou didn't even have a dish for lunch, Lin Jingdeng was distressed: "Yu Meng, how can you abuse Dr. Song?" Lin Jing's accusation made Yu Meng confused, and she looked blankly at the lunch box in Song Lianzhou's hand. How did I abuse him? It's not like she didn't bring him food, but she didn't have any food? During the famine, all the grass was eaten. What is no food? "Then you can't-" "It doesn't matter, I like rice." Without waiting for Lin Jing's words of condemnation to come out, Song Lianzhou bent his lips, picked up his chopsticks and began to eat. As he ate, he looked at Yu Meng and told her with his eyes that the matter was not over. Yu Meng was so excited by his stare that she coughed lightly and turned to look at Lin Jing: "Miss Lin, mobile garbage bin ,wholesale plastic pallet, you don't need an outsider to ask about our husband and wife, do you?" Either give yourself some strength to catch up with Song Lianzhou, or squint aside and pretend not to see anything. Who gave her the confidence to tell her what to do? She is deliberately not to give Song Lianzhou to eat food, how to drop? Who told him to skimp on her pocket money and not let her earn money to go home. He deserved it! So think, Yu Meng looked at Song Lianzhou's eyes more calm, she did not hesitate to stare back at him, he will use the eyes to threaten people? Yu Meng's appearance made Song Lianzhou look down with a cold hum and eat silently. After dinner, Song Lianzhou handed the lunch box to Yu Meng, with a spoiled look on his face: "I'll go back and brush the lunch box. You'll stay honest after you go back, do you know?" When speaking, Song Lianzhou's eyes have been staring at Yu Meng's lower abdomen, so that Yu Meng is confused. She did not notice the meaning of Song Lianzhou, but Lin Jing, who had been watching the interaction between the two, had a guess in her heart. She clenched her teeth and tried not to lose her temper. She cleared her throat and gave an ugly smile: "Yu Meng, this is.." “……” Song Lianzhou opened his eyes and acquiesced in an attitude that made Lin Jing clench her teeth and never say a word again. Yu Meng, who didn't understand what was going on at first, said, "Who's pregnant?"? I'm not pregnant. ” "But when I asked you to wash my shirt yesterday, you said you hadn't come this month." Song Lianzhou's tone was innocent and disappointed, as if Yu Meng had done something too much. Hearing that Yu Meng said she was not pregnant, Lin Jing's face turned cloudy and sunny. She put her eyes on Yu Meng, full of resentment: "You are lucky to be able to marry Dr. Song. You are her wife. Can't you help him wash a shirt?" “???” Yu Meng does not understand how Lin Jing stands on the commanding height to accuse her, in Meng's view, Lin Jing is afraid to be crazy. Chapter 62 he did it on purpose. Song Lianzhou is a married man, and what she does is called a third party! "Miss Lin Jing, as I said just now, the matter between Song Lianzhou and me is the matter between our husband and wife, and has nothing to do with you. You are so concerned about my husband. Can I suspect that you have some thoughts about my husband that you shouldn't have, and that you want to sow discord between us and succeed in getting involved?" Yu Meng's words made Lin Jing's eyelids jump. She looked at Yu Meng with a look of disbelief, and soon her eyes were red, as if she had suffered a great grievance. Yu Meng, I know you don't like me, but how can you slander me like this? I have no quarrel with you. Why do you want to discredit me? If it is said that she is involved in someone else's marriage, how can she raise her head in the future? Even if she entered Dr. Song's house, what would his family think of her? Lin Jing's hatred for Meng grew stronger and stronger in her heart. She hung her head and kept all her expressions in her eyes, so as not to let Meng and Song Lianzhou see a single cent. Lin Jing bit back and let Yu Meng sneer coldly: "I've seen a lot of women who hook up with men. Your means can only be regarded as a child's play." With these words, Yu Meng raised her chin and glanced at Song Lianzhou, mocking Lin Jing. Song Lianzhou's double quotient is very high,plastic wheelie bins, as far as your posture is concerned, whether in my opinion or in Song Lianzhou's eyes, it is no different from a clown. 。

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