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 Tárgy:Harem: Legend of Zhen Huan..  
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His sudden action made the boat sway lightly. I was so surprised that I grabbed the side of the boat and felt embarrassed. "My concubine is just measuring others by herself. If she talks nonsense in the boudoir, Wang Ye will laugh." Perhaps because of the rocking of the boat, something suddenly slipped off the button of his skirt and landed on my skirt. He was unaware of it. He just said, "As Jieyu said, Fan Li is not as good as Fuchai.". At least Fuchai was devoted to Xi Shi. I nodded and sighed, "Yes.". Fuchai loves a woman with the strength of a country. It's love, not spoiling. If it's just a pet, he won't pay such a price, but for the emperor, it's too extravagant. "It is the greatest insult to a woman to spoil her but not love her," he sighed, as if he were concealing himself. With a sudden movement in his heart, he said he had never heard me say such a thing. And his words, I have never heard others say, suddenly seems to open and close in the chest, Mei Zhuang's words and his words mixed together surging like a tide, stunned to say nothing. The women in the palace only ask for the favor of the emperor, but who dares to ask for love. Even though I once had a little extravagant hope, I also understand that I am not Xuan Ling's gourd ladle. He suddenly turned his head, and his eyes passed over my face like a stream of light. "Jieyu seems to have touched her heart. It's from the bottom of her heart." Lanzhou Lingbo,foldable bulk container, into the depths of lotus flowers, the breeze slowly, the moonlight egrets rise and fall in the sparkling waves, occasionally red carp splashing out of the water. I was silent, and for a moment I smiled again as usual: "Wang Ye is oversensitive. The concubines are just talking about the matter on its own merits. They are also lamenting that the beauty of Xi Shi has a poor life." I don't know why sometimes what he says always touches me so much that I can't speak. Lowering his head slightly, he saw that the lake was as thick and smooth as dark silk rippling silently, and that the skirt of the palace maid she was wearing was plain white moon, reflecting the flowing moonlight faintly blue. There is a simple but elegant color falling on the skirt,plastic pallet box, but I can see a tassel (4) with a lock embroidered with yarn, which has its own soft luster. Silver tassels, tortoiseshell beads, it is obvious that the man is wearing things, should be the person in front of him. Ben Dang gave it back to him immediately, but somehow he couldn't hold back his curiosity. Seeing that he had taken the oars again and was not paying attention, he quietly opened them and looked at them. The tassel is as light as nothing, and a few Du Ruo have been air-dried, like translucent yellow butterflies, still retaining noble posture, and the faint fragrance is endless. I will smile, Du Ruo is a noble fragrant flower. Just as he was about to put away the tassel and return it to him, he saw a soft piece of red at the bottom of the bag. He groped out and looked at the moonlight. He was almost surprised to stay there. A touch of light white palm is the little statue I hung on the plum tree in the Plum Garden Chinese New Year's Eve night! Little Yunzi is skillful, and the little elephant has a delicate smile. Anyone who looks closely knows it's me. What a surprise! At a loss, plastic bulk containers ,collapsible pallet box, almost at a loss. I only felt that the tune of "Mountain Ghost" was ringing in my mind, and I seemed to be coming from the other shore in a daze. Through the illusory maze Hongdu, I only repeatedly chanted what he had just said, "The man in the mountain is like Fang Du Ruo". He just pushed the boat forward, occasionally admiring the moonlight like silver and the beautiful scenery on a beautiful day. I actually felt guilty, and for a moment I couldn't tell whether the person who had just talked with me was the one who had carefully collected my little portrait with Du Ruo. It was not until the golden rose hairpin on the bun slipped and hit his arm that he suddenly woke up from the pain. The gold rose hairpin was one of the pieces of jewelry given by Xuan Ling a few days ago. I saw that the workmanship was good and the style was unique, so I pinned it on the bun. I didn't even want to take it off to change the color of the palace maid's clothes. Who wants it to be polished so smooth that the hair can hardly stand it when it is loose. As soon as he saw the hairpin, he immediately remembered the fact that he was Xuan Ling's favorite concubine, and hastily decided that it was best to pretend not to know. Trying to calm down and tidy up his mood, he put Du Ruo and the small statue in the tassels and put them away before calmly calling him, "Wang Ye seems to have lost his tassels." He said "thank you" and put it into his arms carefully, not caring whether I had opened it or not. As if it didn't matter whether I looked or not, he just cherished the things in the tassels. In vain, I clenched the gold thread hibiscus purse on my skirt, which was hanging down, and I didn't feel it. I'm just in a trance. When he got it and how he got it, I don't know at all, and I can't figure it out. I just think how dangerous it would be to put it around him if someone found it. But seeing his personal collection, he could not bear to say this. He was carrying me, who was full of worries. He seemed to be talking about something that had nothing to do with himself. "This tassel is a beloved thing of Qing Dynasty. If it was lost just now, it would be a great regret." Only then did I hear him speak. I woke up from my confusion and said, "Wang Yeh's words are too serious.". It's just a tassel. The sigh was so low that only I could hear it. I reluctantly said, "Since it is a beloved thing, Wang Ye should not show it to others any more. It will only cause endless trouble." Before he could speak, the boat had arrived at the small ferry behind the Tangli Palace. I picked up my skirt and took my leave. Remembering one thing, I turned my head and leaned forward with a smile. "I have one thing to ask Wang Ye." "But it doesn't hurt to say." "The concubines had encountered a little trouble in the palace, but thanks to the help of noble people, they were rescued.". But no matter what Wang Ye heard about the night of the Taiping Palace banquet, he should not tell anyone that he had met his concubines, just like tonight. If Wang Ye agrees, it will be a great fortune for his concubines. Although he did not understand what he meant, he still smiled and promised, "promise.". Xiao Wang just thought it was a little secret between him and Jieyu, and didn't say it to a third person. "Xiao Wang is lucky to be able to talk to Jieyu," he added. "It's like the breeze in my ears. In the future, I will be lucky enough to ask Jieyu to get together at Xiaowang's cool terrace and speak freely about the past and the present. Xiaowang should be very clear about it. "The moon may wax or wane," I said, "but people are also concerned about fate. Some things can follow the fate, and some things are useless for Wang Ye to ask for more. Summer has passed, and the cool terrace is too cool, so the concubines will not go to bother. He was absent for a moment, and his left hand unconsciously pressed the place where he had just put the tassel. He turned and said, "The cool terrace is warm in winter and cool in summer. If one day Jieyu feels that the cold is unbearable, she can come and get together. The small red clay stove is willing to melt the ice and frost for Jieyu." He lowered his eyes, the edge of his clothes was wet by the lake, with almost transparent texture,spill plastic pallet, and his voice gradually lowered, as if it was wet by the lake, "Qing also hopes that there will never be that day." 。

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