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In terms of martial arts, Wu Zhong may not be good, but he runs faster than Qinggong, which can be said to be faster than rabbits! And Wu Zhong is not that ignorant rabbit, silly to think that the other side can not and let the other side like a turtle over the past, but he is hundreds of times more cunning than the fox. If you want to calculate him, it seems that Han Chong, who knows how to be flexible, is not good enough. Your Highness, do you need us to break up the fight? Lu Qing shouted directly to the people in front of him, and now his Highness and the national teacher were so affectionate that speaking softly could not attract their attention at all, so Lu Qing shouted directly. The black tiger glared at him, and this guy was clearly looking for a fight! "Oh?"? I guess you and Black Tiger are going to join in the fun, and by the way, Yin people can pick up a few bargains. Frivolous is not what kind of clever person, naturally understand Lu Qing's intention, is simply childlike innocence! "Hey, what does your Highness mean?" Lu Qing scratched his head and asked somewhat foolishly. "Go," giggled lightly, and then warned with a frown, "don't go too far,eye cream packaging tube, lest you really have a quarrel." Lu Qing Hei Hei smiled, but he didn't care. "Your Highness, the four of us have a good relationship. We wear the same crotch. You say so, Xiaohei." The black tiger was speechless, and he knew that his name would cause him trouble. Come on, we have to break up the fight. Lu Qing jumped down from the camel's back and smiled treacherously at the black tiger. The black tiger understood the meaning of his smile, and did not drag his feet at the moment, so he joined the "battlefield". The result is that four big men wrestled with each other,tube lip gloss, and they were still fighting fervently, and they were still chirping and shouting for your Highness's help. "Ah Yu, won't you go back to yuan with us?" He glanced at them hurriedly and turned his eyes to the gentle man beside him. Well, there are still some things waiting for me to deal with in Yayue country, and I can't delay too long. Jun Yu's watery eyes stayed on her body, and her reluctance and attachment turned into a pool of deep feelings. Her frivolous eyebrows wrinkled deeply, and she did not expect the separation to be so fast that she had no time to adapt. A Kuang, don't frown, I will be distressed. Jun Yu smiled and jumped up from the camel's back and fell behind the frivolous. Because camels are led by professionals, they are not afraid of going on a rampage. But I don't want you to leave. The low voice is like the whisper of a lover, with some imperceptible loneliness and disappointment. This is only a temporary separation, and we still have a lifetime to grind slowly. Jun Yu chuckled, put his hands around her waist and put his head on her shoulder. "Ah Kuang, in fact, I'm also very reluctant to leave you." He leaned over her ear and whispered, custom cosmetic packing ,plastic laminated tube, and his eyes were even more affectionate. The prince and the national teacher flirted face to face in full view of the public, which was enough to prove their ambiguous relationship. But this army is a frivolous confidant, naturally very interesting to pretend not to hear, each do their own things. But even in front of the world, the deviant frivolous will not care about that look, how big things, gossip will not affect her life. After all, strength is together, as long as she has that strength, who dares to die? Frivolous has always ignored the secular ethics, but because of her status, it is not easy to make people talk. Now the Demon God has awakened and is not afraid of anything! "Then resign as a national teacher and let me support you." He leaned his head against his broad chest, looked up at the muddy sky, and suddenly said frivolously. But some for the prince's language is astonishing, almost did not give the soldiers around to be choked to death by saliva. Keeping the national teacher, I'm afraid only their strange royal Highness can say it, but also say it as a matter of course. You know, this is not the general national teacher, that is the light Lianyu national teacher! One hand is enough to let a huge and strong foundation of the prime minister's mansion at any time destroyed the light feather national teacher! Such a strong man, will be kept? It's incredible to think about it. If this is true, all the men in the world can jump off the building. "Well, after I finish my work and stabilize the situation in the world, I'll let you raise it. How about that?" The man who talked and laughed and let one hundred and thirty lives pass without blinking actually agreed! The middleman immediately opened his eyes wide, and even rubbed his ears directly. Could they have misheard him? "Oh, it's the same thing. I'll find an excuse to put me off." He curled his lips frivolously, disapproving of his assurance. Now the world has begun to be turbulent because of the emergence of the four forces, I believe that after a while, the war will certainly break out. She wanted him to stay around, but she just wanted to protect him from getting hurt. But he said he wanted to wait until the world was at peace, which was clearly a refusal of her protection. Risking your life? She would never allow him to do such a stupid thing! Even if you want to do it, she should come forward! "A crazy, you should also be clear about the immediate situation, there is no absolute power, is likely to let their loved ones into a hot situation.". You have people you want to protect, and I have people I want to protect. It's because of you that I can't retreat in cowardice. He sighed softly, like a leaf drifting in the wind. Because, I already did not have the qualifications to retreat, I only had unceasingly to advance, blocked all your advancement the stumbling block, one by one eradicated. Kill Buddha when you meet Buddha, kill God when you meet God! I want to let you have no worries to rush! He held him tightly and absorbed the faint fragrance from her body. He immediately thought of the day before yesterday to break into a sea of lavender flowers, for the two secret agreement, but also called his mouth raised a touch of moving radian. Why? I am not a lamb to be slaughtered. He looked up frivolously and glanced into his face. Crazy, an open gun is easy to hide, but a hidden arrow is hard to guard against. I don't want you to get any harm. Even a minor injury can make me furious, you should know. His eye color is a little deep, the prime minister is because of the royal frivolous words,cosmetic plastic tube, he will be ransacked, if not because of the order, he even their nine clans to pull out.

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