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Jovi from the memory of the original owner to find out the need to shoot the next scene of the script, his face suddenly revealed a shallow smile, a twist a twist (not used to high-heeled shoes) amorous feelings ten thousand kinds (?) Walk slowly toward the spot where the headlights are focused. Before she could stand still, she stretched out a salty pig's hand from somewhere and pulled her collar. You play a girl who is willing to degenerate, and the collar should be a little lower. When the hand left, the finger pulp rubbed against her chest. Look at you. Are you exhausted after a day of shooting? Let's try to pass this once and go home to rest. The light was so dazzling that Jovi could not help squinting. She wasn't sure if the man was intentional or not. It's just, it doesn't matter. She smiled sweetly at the man. "Good." The face of the original owner belongs to the kind of particularly flirtatious, tall and thin, with two waves in front of her chest, just from the appearance, she is a real lady. Especially with heavy makeup, low V red dress and exaggerated gold earrings, she doesn't look like a simple girl who just graduated from university, and unexpectedly has a kind of beauty. It is this aesthetic feeling that is not in line with the mainstream aesthetic, so that she has long been positioned in the role of "sitting on the stage", "Republic of China actor", "ancient famous prostitute" and so on, unable to get away. And today's scene was shot by a college girl who went to a night show to catch a cheater. Unexpectedly,plastic packing tube, the cheater was attracted by the heroine of Xiaobai Campus Beauty who worked part-time as a cashier in a bar. The girl failed to destroy the two of them. She was depressed and was given a few glasses of wine. As a result, she was raped by several men in turn on her way back to school. You guessed it, Jovi plays the unfortunate girl. When the arrangement was ready, the noisy DJ music of the bar began to play, and Jovi sat alone on the barstool, drinking one cup after another. At that moment, several men who were looking for pleasure looked at each other,plastic cosmetic tubes, and one of them came to her. This beautiful young lady looks very strange. Is it your first time here? Jovi didn't even look at it, playing with the cup with her fingers. "Get out!" "Oh, it's quite fierce." The man grinned and touched her hand. Let me see if the other places are fierce enough. At this time, the side will often jump out of a gentle man hero to save the United States, won the favor of the beauty. The girl who got away didn't know that the two groups were in the same group. When the heroine is in distress, she meets a hero to save the beauty. The other party is either a righteous man or a gentle man. But as soon as the female partner is in trouble, all those who come around are the bad guys who are greedy to eat meat. Routine, full of routines! Chapter 79 Movie Queen Quick Strategy (4). The man's hand was on the back of Jovi's hand, and Jovi suddenly turned over her wrist and quickly grabbed the man's wrist. Her speed was so fast that no one could see how she did it, and by the time they reacted, her fingers had gently pinched the man's wrist bone. At the moment when she met him, the man who stretched out his salty pig hand made a pendulum for no reason. Uncle, it's none of your business whether I'm fierce or not! Jovi's face was half-smiling and full of disdain. The lines are still the lines in the script, aluminium laminated tube ,pump tube, and the actions are also the actions in the script, but the tone that Jovi reads out is too charming, which is obviously not the effect that the tour guide wants. Stop, stop, stop! The director shouted, "Female number five, what's the matter with you?"? Didn't you eat? Jovi immediately loosened her grip on the fingers of the salty pig's hand, frowned slightly, and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I went out in such a hurry today that I really forgot to have breakfast." "Director," she asked flattered, "would you like to invite me to dinner? How embarrassing that is! “……” The veins on the director's forehead jumped. Who wants to invite you to dinner? Hey! Little sister, do your family know that you are so cheeky? Interrupted by her, the director's anger value was guided to a strange place, it took a long time to find the momentum, fiercely holding the loudspeaker shouted: "I want to be tough, tough!"! Do you know what is called tough? Jovi nodded with a smile on her lips. "I know." "Come on, continue." When the director finished training Jovi, his eyes inadvertently passed over the male artist and glared at him by the way. Take away your bitter melon face! Didn't you get a scratch on your wrist? As for the appearance of bitter hatred? The male artist shook his wrist, and the place touched by Jovi was numb and painful. Strange, obviously is a weak woman who has no strength to tie a chicken, the strength used is not big, how to be so caught by her, his bones are weak? It's not the kind of weakness that makes a woman's bones soft, but the kind of weakness that makes her fall apart. He muttered a curse, followed by a "a" from the director group, and quickly entered the filming state. Yo, that's pretty fierce. Let me see if the other places are fierce enough. Male artists can successfully handle the role without acting skills. At the thought that he could lie on Dong Qiaowei in full view of the public later, he was so excited that he couldn't find the north. He thought well, later he asked the old man to push the cart, and took the opportunity to press Dong Qiaowei's plump buttocks on his lower abdomen. Male artist imagination thronged his mind, his face could not hide the color of excitement, and leered at Qiaowei to stretch out the claws of An Lushan. The next moment, there was a sharp pain in the wrist bone. It turned out that Jovi had pinched his wrist bone with her backhand again. Uncle, it's none of your business whether I'm fierce or not! This time, her tone is a little strong, but that soft and weak posture, a look to know that there is no hard movement, how to look at how people feel artificial. cut!” The director once again called a halt, "Let you act angry, what are you coquettish!" Jovi stood where she was,metal cosmetic tubes, blushing slightly and looking very confused. This kind of gesture has a great impact on men. Instead of scolding her, the director glared at her and warned, "What I want is the scene of you fighting back after being molested. Can you grab his wrist a little stronger?"? Didn't the group send you a box lunch? "No." Jovi lowered her eyes shyly and breathed softly. I'm so strong that I'm afraid of hurting people. No one will believe this gesture. The crew members burst into laughter.

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