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Anyway, Li Hong fell to the ground again to practice, but he couldn't help but imagine Wang Chongxian's head with ten swords on it at the same time, and he couldn't help smiling. At that time, he was surrounded and captured by Wang Chongxian's soft heart sword, but he didn't notice how he released the heart sword, but his skill was higher than his own, and the speed of sending out was naturally faster, and at that time his kung fu was worse, so he didn't have time to observe his running state. After thinking about it, Li Hong once again began to run the method of breathing in the "Qi Jian Xin Jue", but at this time, Li Hong could not settle down. He always felt as if he had vaguely remembered something, but he did not think very clearly. He was even confused about what he had thought of. However, Li Hong had a feeling that it was very important, and that it had a lot to do with his own practice. He didn't think of what it was, and he really didn't feel at ease. Why do you suddenly feel this way? Li Hong's half-closed eyes opened, just before he went to find Zhao Kuan, there was no such feeling, ah, how suddenly there was a doubt hanging in his heart? Li Hong recalled the conversation just now, one sentence at a time flowing through his heart, once. Twice Li Hong suddenly woke up, let oneself can not settle down, it is Zhao Kuan that sentence: "Or he jumped out of ten?" Ten heart swords appear at a time, in other words, that is, ten come out of the top door at the same time. In this way, don't you have to fix ten heart swords in the sea of air first? Li Hong wants to understand this matter,turmeric extract powder, suddenly excited, how oneself experiment, always come one by one, how never thought of this move? At that moment, Li Hong began to gather his mind and inner breath, and slowly gathered two heart swords condensed with inner breath in his bosom. However, it is easy to say, but it is not easy to do, in addition to the need to separate the inner breath, the infusion of both sides of the mind is very difficult, a little absence,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, the mind will suddenly break away from the heart sword, after all, the separation of the mind is a major difficulty in practicing the "Qi Jian Heart Formula", one heart sword needs to be turned into two, two need to be turned into three. The difficulty of each level has been significantly improved, and it seems that it can not be achieved overnight, but Li Hong has already kindled hope, knowing that what he lacks is only proficiency, and at the moment he is no longer distracted and concentrates on practicing. Zhao Kuan in the other room had a headache at the moment, not because of the practice of breathing, although the situation he encountered was similar to that of Li Hong, but he found that there was a small special dot in the 36 Dan balls, although the breathing came and went lively, the dot was fixed unmoved, and although it was not suffocating to the running of the breathing, But it's also a little weird. This should be the hands and feet of the alien voice, right? Li Hong probably forgot to mention this just now, and the sense of expansion of the meridians was indeed much faster than before, but it was a pity that the meridians were restored to their original appearance as soon as they finished their work, or that they continued to run like this, phycocyanin spirulina ,naringenin price, so that they could reach the state of "the meridians are ready" as the voice said. In this respect, Zhao Kuan decided not to spend more time thinking, in short, if the voice is not deceptive, it will naturally gradually improve. What gave him a headache was something else. Up to now, the famous "Kuang Ba Qi Shi" only used the first move, and at that time he was still using it by mistake, and that kungfu just look at the action, simply can not guess it with the overbearing breath, will be derived from the change, that is to say, Zhao Kuan now simply do not know if the back of the move is also effective, what kind of results will be produced. Therefore, if Zhao Kuan is not in danger, he will not use "Kuangba Seven Styles", but when he is in danger, who dares to use a move that does not know whether it is effective or not, and does not know the effect of its application? So far, Zhao Kuan has come and gone only with a "surge of air like a mountain". Last time already had the experience, if the strength is too small, simply does not have the effect. Maybe it's not domineering enough? But if you want to audition with 40%, 50% or even more, how can you practice in this room? Not to tear down the top floor is strange; this is not the way to go, Zhao Kuan thought, if you want to drill, or can only temporarily leave the island, to a place where no one to test. Now that you think of it, go. Although Zhao Kuan is lazy, he still has some interest in practicing kungfu. Otherwise, he would not have been ranked with Feng Mengsheng and Li Hong as the best of the younger generation when he bought the city-although from today's point of view, the kungfu at that time was really a joke. Zhao Kuan got up and went out. He wanted to say something to Dai Chi, but when he looked back, Dai Chi must be busy now. He should not be bored. On second thought, Zhao Kuan went to the door of Ban Xiurong and pressed the communication button outside the door. Ban Xiurong saw Zhao Kuan's fat figure on the screen of the communicator. Instead of receiving it, she opened the door directly and asked with a smile, "Brother Kuan, looking for me?" Xiurong is better. Zhao Kuan felt a burst of comfort, although Liu Yuzhe is more delicate and charming, but the scheming in his bones, but reduced three points of gentleness, or the little sister in front of him can let himself appreciate without scruple, Zhao Kuan happy, grinning and looking at the class Xiurong, but did not open his mouth. However, this is only Zhao Kuan's personal feeling. In terms of beauty, Ban Xiurong is not as good as Liu Yuzhe. In terms of charm, Ban Xiurong is gentle and graceful, but lacks Liu Yuzhe's delicate and delicate amorous feelings. In fact, there are not many people who can see through Liu YuZhe's intentions at a glance. In the eyes of others, it may not reduce the three points of gentleness. Ban Xiurong saw that Zhao Kuan was looking at herself without speaking. She opened her eyes wide at first. After a moment, she chuckled and said, "Brother Kuan, do you want to come in?" When Zhao Kuan woke up from a dream, he quickly shook his head and said with a smile, "No, I just came to tell you that I want to leave the island for a while. If someone is looking for me, I will tell them that I won't be away for too long." "Mmm." Ban Xiurong nodded, paused, and said with a smile, "If someone asks why Brother Kuan left, I'll say I don't know." "Oh." Zhao Kuan shook his head and said, "I'm going to practice moves. It doesn't matter if I tell others. Anyway, when I practice,turmeric extract powder, every one of those masters will know where I am." "Well." Ban Xiurong tilted her head and thought for a moment. The expression on her face was somewhat expectant and she said, "Is Brother Kuan going to practice those seven moves?" "Yes." Zhao Kuan smiled and said, "Do you want to see it?" 。

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