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Miss Wei Liu soon mingled with the maids. Someone was willing to say, "Lu'an, don't say anything. Miss Su Jiasan suddenly said at the banquet that she had great luck. Miss Wei Liu, who was engaged to Cui Jiu's son, had a bad style. Miss Wei Liu didn't come today, but her sister came. Miss Wei Er had a bad temper." All of a sudden, he stood up and confronted Miss Su San. During the argument, Miss Cui's seven girls accidentally turned over the tea. Miss Su San was fine. She only wet her sleeves a little. Miss Wei Er was miserable. Her face was covered with makeup. It was so pitiful that she happened to withdraw the song and dance at that time. Many people saw it! Another servant girl sighed: "Look at that Miss Wei Er also very good-looking, just, ah!" Everyone knew what such a banquet meant to a young lady of the right age, and it happened that the song and dance had been withdrawn at that time. This awkward appearance was all in the eyes of the male guests, and they wanted to know how much Miss Wei would collapse in her heart. Chapter 28 maple paper Not knowing if it was his illusion, Lu'an only felt that the smile on Miss Wei Liu's face faded a little. After the maids left, Miss Wei Liu went to Mingchun Gate without saying a word. This was the main road from Ziyun Tower, no matter where she went. Because of the adult's command, Miss Wei Liu did not say that she did not want him to follow, so Lu'an continued to follow, but somehow instinctively some did not dare to get too close to her. Not long after, I saw a young girl dressed in a long dress with pleated tassels and brocade coming over,lycopene for skin, followed by several servant girls. The servant girls covered their mouths and snickered. The young lady in the middle seemed to be in a good mood. Lu'an recognized that she was the third young lady of Su Dadu's family. Because she was good at reciting poems, she was quite famous in Beijing. Miss Wei Liu walked away and let the master and servant pass by. Seeing that she had nothing to do and had not come forward, Lu'an could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. He had heard what the servant girls had said just now. In case Miss Wei Liu could not resist the trouble of coming forward to find Miss Su San, he did not know what to do. After the master and servant passed by for a while, a woman came from far away. Her face was pale and she was very embarrassed. Her carefully combed horse bun was stained with a few pieces of tea. The makeup on her face was in a ball. She walked forward blankly, with a gray face, and no one paid any attention to her. Miss Wei Liu stepped forward and handed over a veil. "Come with me!"! Miss Wei Er,rosmarinic acid supplement, I'll take you to change your clothes and tidy up. Miss Wei nodded and followed her to the Ladies' Hall. Lu'an involuntarily sighed, looking at the back of Miss Wei's stagger, suddenly felt some can not bear to see, the so-called deceiving too much is nothing more than this! Not daring to go too far, Lu'an approached a little and waited under the porch. Watching Miss Wei enter the room, and then not long after, there was a low cry in the room. Wei Yaoqing only felt that his heart seemed to be blocked by something, and he felt uncomfortable and tight. At that time, her grandfather once told her, "Don't think that if you learn the art of the country for a few days and master the thirteen branches of Yin and Yang, you won't put the women in the world in your eyes. If you learn politics, you will naturally have a broad vision. But in the inner house, sometimes women's means are even more powerful. Killing people without blood can make people miserable." My dear Pearl, Grandfather hopes that you will meet a lover who will hold you in the palm of his hand and not have to undergo the test of the inner house. If not, fenugreek saponins ,stesweet stevia, Grandfather would rather leave you in the boudoir and protect you for a lifetime. Is it painful to kill without seeing blood? She knew how long Wei Yaoyu had prepared for this opportunity, and it was because she knew that she understood how desperate Wei Yaoyu would be. Wei Yaoqing listened to the low sobs of Wei Yaoyu behind the door. Suddenly, he felt some regret and self-reproach. He knocked on the door and said, "Miss Wei." After a while, Wei Yaoyu came out of the room, changed her clothes, combed her hair again, and applied a thin layer of powder on her face. Miss Wei Er, stay at the table for a while and don't go anywhere. ” The boy suddenly lowered his voice and opened his mouth, Wei Yaoyu was stunned, looked up, just in the dark had not noticed, now look at the boy standing in front of her, although it is a boy's dress, but the appearance of Qingjun Xiuyi, the appearance of a good boy is not without, but in front of this temperament is too good, so that it is not like a boy at all. It was more like a noble son who had stolen the boy's clothes. She had not noticed that the boy was always followed by a boy, and the boy was followed by a boy? Almost certainly, she blurted out, "You're not a boy, are you? Who are you?" The boy smiled faintly, Wei Yaoyu only felt some dazzling but some familiar, involuntarily backward two steps, looked at her, but pursed his lips, meaning very obvious, he did not say, she Wei Yaoyu did not go. Wei Yaoqing was a little surprised at Wei Yaoyu's stubbornness. After thinking about it, he said, "I just don't like it. I have a good relationship with Li Huan and Wei Junning." This time it was Wei Yaoyu's turn to be surprised. "It's all right, Mr. Li. It's just my brother's words. To be honest, you're not like him." Wei Yaoqing: ".." Wei Junning in the end how bad, let Wei Yaoyu send out such a feeling. You Who the hell are you? Lu An only felt that Miss Wei Liu suddenly looked at him, his heart jumped, then heard Miss Wei Liu opened his mouth: "Call me Qi An!" Seven Qi'an? Lu'an suddenly frowned, what is Qi'an, he is still Ba'an! "Qi'an?" Wei Yaoyu nodded, "just brought me here, save me from embarrassment, thank you." "It doesn't matter. Come back to the table, Second Young Lady." Wei Yaoyu looked at Qi'an again and turned away. How could such a person be an ordinary boy? After Wei Yaoyu left, Wei Yaoqing shouted,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, "Lu'an." "Miss Wei Liu, what's the matter?" Lu'an's heart is tight. Wei Yaoqing glanced at Lu'an as if facing a formidable enemy: "The first round of Chuan Feng Jian is over among the male guests. Let's go and have a look!" Why did you think of going to see Chuan Feng Jian again? Although Lu'an murmured in his heart, he also followed him. The adult said that he should follow Miss Wei Liu closely and go back to report it.

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