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UK Mars rover will have to aim for the Moon



A plan to send another UK-assembled rover to Mars has been formally binned by the US and European space agencies.


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The vehicle was to have played a key role in getting rock samples from the Red Planet back to Earth so they could be studied in labs for signs of life.


The overall project will go ahead, but the British-built robot will be replaced by American drones.


The decision, revealed by BBC News last week, has been made to reduce risk and cost in what is a complex endeavour.


Officials have held out the prospect that the work undertaken at Airbus UK in Stevenage, on what had been dubbed the "sample fetch rover", could now be re-purposed.


Esa has proposed to European research ministers that they fund a big freighter capable of delivering cargo and payloads, including roving vehicles, to the Moon, starting at the end of this decade.


The agency's head of Mars exploration, Francois Spoto, said this could represent an alternative goal for British engineers.


"We are going to study with Airbus UK how to redirect the know-how that has been developed in order to see how it could be targeted at another planet," he told reporters.

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